Learning the art of floristry at Lush Spa Birmingham

*This post includes a press trip and gifted items* 

This weekend I paid a visit to Lush Spa Birmingham to learn the art of floristry and to take a look at what was new in store. If you’ve never been in to have a look around, I’d highly recommend stopping by. Not only is the store filled with every Lush product you can think of, it has a new in store florist, a Sleepy personalisation station and a spa like no other. Did I mention they also have a perfume library which is a real treat for the senses. I could (and have infact, on many occasion) spend hours in there just exploring every nook of the store.

Once I’d finished examining each of the new heavenly candles (available in Sleepy, Orange Blossom and Olive Branch) I headed over to the floristry station. Myself and some other lovely Lushies who were also on the press trip were met by the new in store florist Kelly. She was an absolute fountain of knowledge and the way she arranged her bouquet so effortlessly left me astounded. I did point out mine definitely wouldn’t look like hers but I’d give it a go! Kelly started her floristry journey 33 years ago and her passion for flowers is inspiring. 

A Japanese Lily took centre stage of my bouquet and was surrounded by other stunning flowers such as Veronica’s and Iria’s, aswell as complimentary eucalyptus foliage. It was great to hear that even with their bouquet wrapping, Lush eliminates the need for plastic and instead uses recycled paper. The knot wraps add a really special touch and the one on my bouquet was made from recycled plastic bottles.

Once we’d all added the final touches to our bouquets, we took a tour around the spa. It’s like no other spa I’ve visited and if you’re looking for a real treat for yourself or for a loved one, it’s the place to be. I’ve previously experienced the Renaissance treatment which was simply the best massage I’ve ever had. Read about my experience here.

Finally we finished off the afternoon with skincare consultations, each learning more about the products best suited to our skin types and how to really get the most out of each product on our tailored skin menu. 

Thanks for a brilliant afternoon Lush!

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