Rimmel Sunshimmer Tan Review

I definitely am a lover of tan, anything that is going to minimise the risk of damaging my skin but leave me looking sunkissed gets a thumbs up from me. There have been numerous types of tan I have tried from mousse to oil and there aren’t many formulas I haven’t tried. What can I say – I forever want to look like I have spent two weeks in Bora Bora!

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer range is the most recent tan to make it into my extensive collection and I was lucky enough to receive three of their tan formulas.

Sunshimmer Lotion With Chia Oil Medium/Dark | RRP £8.99| Find it here

I am definitely confident with using tanning mousse as that is usually my go to formula. So I was quite intrigued to use the lotion and did initially think I was going to make a right old mess with it. Alas, I squirted a dollop onto my tanning mitt and got to work using circular motions against my skin. 
 Now this formula looks scary, it’s thick and dark. As I worked it into my skin I noticed how hydrating it felt (that will be the chia oil!). 
 My only gripe is the instructions aren’t completely clear. It doesn’t explain whether you can wear this overnight or when it needs to be washed off on the back of the bottle. From what I’ve tried and tested this is a gradual tanning lotion and I applied it twice a week. It left my skin soft and quite naturally golden (I had so many compliments from people in the office!). 

Below is an image before and after the mousse when applied the night before and showered off the next morning 

Rimmel Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse Dark 150ml | RRP £7.99 | Find it here

As my go-too formula, I definitely find mousse easy to work with. Pump out onto a mitt and you’re good to go. However I did think the lotion was actually more moisturising for my dry skin. 

 I like that there is a guideline colour to work with and I can get a good idea of where to apply the product. The smell isn’t offensive and was actually quite pleasant. The tan was applied before bed and as normal I wear long sleeved thin, cotton pyjamas to ensure minimal stained sheets. The next morning I showered and was left with a beautiful colour with no streaks. Nobody could feasibly make an error with this tan, it really is foolproof and will last upto 7 Days!

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Dark Matte| RRP £6.99|Find it here

I’m not the biggest lover of instant tans. I think they can get quite messy and the possibility of rain with an instant tan concerns me. This instant tan can be used on face or body, leaving a lovely glow. My preference for this product is to use it as almost a liquid bronzer all over my face before applying makeup. Tan products like mousse or lotion tend to look patchy on my skin, so this is ideal as it can be applied with instant effects. 

Let me know which Rimmel tan is your favourite! 

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