The Renaissance treatment at Lush Spa Birmingham

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Whether you’re celebrating today with a romantic date, doing Palentines with friends or enjoying a pizza to yourself whilst watching Netflix, remember to show yourself some love! It’s the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself and opt for a little self indulgence. 

One thing that I don’t invest in nearly enough as I should is a massage. Digging out the knots and tension caused by being sat at a desk all day, always leaves me feeling immediately relaxed and far less tense. 

This week I was invited to Lush Spa Birmingham to experience their latest meditative fragrance treatment Renaissance

Whenever I pay a visit to Lush I immediately feel a sense of calm. Their products are all so intricately thought out and the Lush team always have such a happy, contagious outlook. The brand ethos is a factor that helps them stand out from the crowd and their cruelty free stance is important. 

Upon arrival at the spa, the lovely therapist Jito greeted me and we talked through what emotions I had recently been feeling. I explained that during January, I was unwell for around three weeks so was still building my energy back up. Renaissance is a fragrance orientated treatment, so at this point I was able to choose which fragrance resonated with me to incorporate into my treatment. I opted for Confetti.

The sugared almonds at an Italian wedding tell a story in three acts. Young love, the innocence of violet leaf. A sensual rose blooms as the relationship deepens, until the final chapter reveals the lasting comfort of sandalwood oil.

Renaissance Treatment is £75 for 40 minutes and launches on Friday 14th February. You can find out more here 
  • Meditative treatment for those who don’t think they can meditate
  • An affordable lunch break treatment
  • Ideal to find headspace during busy times
  • Working with fragrance to transport you to a deeper state of relaxation
Inspired by the medicinal use of perfume, art and culture of Renaissance Italy, this enchanting treatment works to calm and bring the body back to balance. It takes you on a journey through Florence, Italy and offers a complete balancing of the mind and body.  

The treatment room was warm and adorned with a beautiful candelabra, complimented by dimmed lighting. I felt immediately comfortable and the music was beautiful, almost haunting. I think it incorporated cello instrumental, as-well as chirping birds and what I believe was Gregorian chant. I wanted to purchase the soundtrack afterwards but it hadn’t come into store just yet. I will be popping back to pick one up, I found the soundtrack that relaxing. 

I was given ample opportunity to remove what clothes I was comfortable with and then rang the bell to confirm to the therapist I was ready to continue. Lay on my back on the bed, with a warm, fragrant towel covering me up to my chest the therapist began to gently awaken my body with soft strokes.

As the treatment became more intense with the inclusion of cold stones and heavier pressure, the music also adapted to fit the change in massage movement. When Jito worked towards my neck, chest and shoulders I felt knots loosening and being manipulated. As I mentioned previously, my neck and shoulders carry particular tension but I was surprised to feel how much looser my chest bone area felt after being massaged. The knots  don’t appear to be there now so she really worked well to clear them. 

Following the treatment, I was left to dress and eventually meet my therapist back in the kitchen area - or what I feel looks like a wonderful witches apothecary. The level of absolute relaxation I had experienced meant it took me a few minutes before I managed to get up off the bed! Back at the kitchen, I was given a beautiful rose and lemon tea which was sweet and invigorating. Fruit teas are hit and miss for me but I drank the whole cup and then a little more. 

Finally to finish off my wonderful all enveloping Renaissance treatment I was kindly gifted a bottle of my chosen treatment fragrance from The Florence Collection, Confetti. And it is beautiful. I’ve worn it since my treatment and have received numerous compliments from people.

The evening after my treatment, my sleep was uninterrupted and I have slept right through (which is a rarity for me) during the evenings that followed. I’m feeling rebalanced and with far less tension in my body.
I would like to thank Lush and Lush Spa Birmingham for inviting me along and making my first Lush treatment so wonderful. 

*Post includes gifted treatment and products, all views are my own*

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