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My fashion aim for 2020 is to opt for pieces that are timeless, ethical and sustainable. When you ditch fast fashion, you start to open your eyes up to pieces that not only stand the test of time but are also friendly to the environment. I’ve got to say I was fortunate to have been raised as a vegetarian but also was never dressed in leather and have followed this through into adulthood. My bags, shoes and belts have never been leather, which can sometimes be challenging when trying to find great quality pieces that last. There is a risk of falling into the trap of purchasing cheap, essentially plastic trainers that aren’t the most comfortable shoes or environmentally friendly.

I’m beginning to build up my collection of pieces that I love. For me, trainers has always been a challenge. With canvas trainers I run the risk of soggy feet and the same goes for a mesh trainer. Steering away from a plastic trainer is also important and of course leather is a no go. I’ve carried out some extensive research into what’s out there (it’s slim pickings if I’m honest!) and came across the French shoe company of my dreams. 

Veja are a shoe brand that have been paving the way for ethical footwear for over ten years. It’s easy for a brand to put out a “vegan” range but Veja have nailed it. The Veja vegan trainer is made from a canvas that’s been waxed with a compound created from corn waste. They look uncannily like leather, they’re insanely comfortable and the sole is even made from wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. 

I’m so incredibly happy to have found a trainer which is comfortable and is made sustainably using great materials.

Find the Veja V-10 white natural butter sole trainer here 

Another new piece that I have been wearing almost everyday since I purchased it is this vegan shirt or “shacket” I picked out in H&M. It’s ideal as a transitional piece because it can be layered with jumpers, hoodies or a T-shirt underneath and it really keeps me warm. Currently, I could leave this house wearing this as my final layer and it provides me with enough warmth. 

As well as it looking kind of effortlessly cool, it’s PETA Approved Vegan-certified and meets PETA’s requirements for vegan products. This certification guarantees that the product is entirely free from materials and substances of animal origin.

The shirt is available in black and cream find it here

The final piece I wanted to talk about is my Matt & Nat bag. This is my second bag by this brand but my other one is a much smaller day bag and is cream. I knew I needed one that I could travel with and that would fit more inside. 

Matt & Nat create the most luxurious, soft and buttery vegan handbags, purses and shoes. They feel structured and much closer to designer quality. My favourite thing about the brand apart from the incredible quality is the inside lining is made from 100% recycled bottles! 

I’m unable to find the exact name of the bag as it was purchased in December last year but I’ve linked a similar one here

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