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Hello Everyone! 

 I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on my favourite new piece of jewellery I’ve received from brand Ineffabless. (find them here silver jewelry

 As I’ve grown a little older, my taste in a variety of things has changed. This includes a variety of different foods, music and style. For example, the style I carry and the jewellery I wear, tends to be geared to more minimilastic pieces and items I know I will continue to wear or get use out of throughout the years, as opposed to pieces that go out of style quickly. 

 Since receiving this personalised Engravable Bar Necklace from Ineffabless, I haven’t taken it off. The wording it’s inscribed with reads “Go Your Own Way”, lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Fleetwood Mac. These words are something I hold dear to me and a reminder to do exactly that - continue to move forward as I choose. Available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold there really is something to suit everyone and because they are personalised the possibilities for  personalisation are endless. Perhaps a memeorable day, name or quote?

This is a Stevie Nicks print I received as a gift some years ago (unsure of the shop or website)
 The material is 18k white gold plated and comes complete with an adjustable chain that is very dainty. How the product came packaged completely blew me away and immediately prompted me to think who I could purchase a necklace for. The box is so chic and came with a tiny cleaning cloth. RRP is £31.50 but currently you can pick one up from their website for only £22! 

Ineffabless have many other styles of jewellery that can be personalised, along with other pieces that are beautiful and ideal for Christmas or special occasions. 

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