NYX Wonder Stick Review

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Throughout the colder winter months, my skin became drier than it had ever been and I had to seriously step up my skincare regime to ensure my skin’s hydration was replenished. Alongside this, I’ve decided to use less powder makeup products as I felt they were highlighting the drier areas, as well as caking my already dry complexion and instead incorporating more cream products into my routine.



A good cream contour that isn’t overly expensive is something I have been on the look out. Currently, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette in Light/Medium and although it is a great palette, I wanted to try switching it up with more cream products. 


Whilst passing through my local Boots store, I passed the NYX counter (in all it’s spectacular glory!) and saw a large selectin of different face products from colour correcting to contour and highlighting. I spied the NYX Wonder Stick, a highlight and contour cream stick.


NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick - Highlight & Contour | 36g in Light/Medium | RRP £10 | Find it here

First Impressions


Where has this been all my life?! I’m personally a fan of the effect contouring gives to my face and how I look far more structured once I have applied contour. The only downside of it is the time it takes to apply it and blend it out to leave it looking seamless. The Wonder Stick makes contouring a quick, simple task and left me with great results. 


Shade & Formula 


The light/medium shade contains two ends with separate sticks, the first a yellow toned light highlight shade and the second a cool toned brown contour shade. The highlight colour is great for applying in a triangle shape underneath eyes and knocking out dark tones that often lurk there, alongside applying to the high points of the face where the light would naturally hit. I found the contour shade a cool brown, with not too much warmth in it, making it ideal to mimic shadows under the jaw and in the hollows of the cheeks. Whilst the stick is not overly creamy and wet feeling, it also doesn’t pull against my skin or feel drying. 







Application of this contour stick is possibly my favourite aspect of the entire product. The shape of the highlight bullet has an edge, ideal for down the tip of the nose and getting under the eyes. The contour bullet has a round edge that fits nicely underneath cheekbones, swiping across the forehead and underneath the jawline. 




I applied the Wonder Stick directly over the top of my foundation and I added a little of my Anastasia Contour powder palette over the top to set the cream contour. Come the end of the day, my contour was still pretty much in place and remained relatively pigmented right up until the end of the day. 



The NYX Wonder Stick will definitely have to be a re-purchase once it is all finished as I need it as a permanent fixture in my makeup bag!


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