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I’m sure many of you have seen pictures of Preston on my social media pages, the handsome French Bulldog I often swoon over on Instagram and Twitter. He is completely spoilt by me and my girlfriend Katie - and we wouldn’t have it any other way! At one year four months, he is a bundle of energy and very well behaved (accept for last week when he pulled the pompoms off my new cushion).

One of our favourite weekend pastimes is to go on an adventure to Sutton Park, have brunch at the bistro (the vegetarian breakfast is fabulous!) and meet lots of other dog owners walking their pooches. We love to walk through crunchy leaves, spot all the local wildlife and visit the beautiful lake to take some pretty snaps. When we arrive home, he likes to snuggle under a blanket with us and watch films. Although, we often can’t hear the film above his snoring..

Last week Preston received a package from the lovely Rachel over at containing some very tasty treats! Petshop are an online pet store, supplying treats, toys and anything you need for a happy pet! Alongside all of this, they also offer a Bottomless Bowl which enables you to receive your pets favourite food each month direct to your door. This is such a convenient service and orders over £19.99 are upgraded to free express delivery on your first order or you can get a discount on selected products.

Preston often has  a mixture of wet and dry food to add some variety in his diet. Huntland Grain Free Food do some amazing flavours including Deboned British Turkey with Sweet Potato and Cranberry – which is Preston’s favourite! We sprinkle it on top of his wet food to create a tasty but healthy meal.

Alongside this, Preston received Dentalife sticks! These are a great way to keep your pet occupied but also ensure teeth and gums are kept clean and healthy. He can sometimes be fussy with his treats and if he doesn’t like it, he will just leave it on the floor, turn his nose up and walk away. Straight away with these sticks he ate it all in one go, which again is rare because he tends to leave it and then go back to it later.

The final goodies our lucky Frenchie received are Catch Natural Treatswith the founders having a passion for healthy eating and a childhood fishing at the Cornish coast. Salmon & Lemon Sole cookies are great training treats when we are teaching him new tricks and he loves them. The Natural Whitefish Rectangle Chews are another hit, entirely natural and he seemed to enjoy playing with them/bouncing on them before he munched them up. I didn’t even mind him giving me a kiss afterwards with his fishy breath – that’s how much I love him.

We will definitely be stocking up with more treats for Preston soon! 

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