Autumn Self Care

Hi everyone!
 My post today is all about my favourite time of year, but also the reasons why it can be a tough season and a difficult time to adapt. As much as I love the crisp air, blankets, warm drinks and cosy sweaters I also tend to feel more lacking in energy during the run up to winter. 
 It may sound quite severe to some people but I always notice a difference in my general well-being and mood when the autumn arrives. It’s a battle between enjoying my favourite season and coping with the transition into a different world. 

 I’ve been keeping note of all the things that keep me energised and happy, an autumn self care guide that I can refer to to remind myself to simply be good to me. 
 Autumn is a time where nature sheds it skin to prepare for the tougher months ahead. I feel like I need to do the same when the weather starts to change. This for me means letting go of anything that is harmful or having a negative impact on my wellbeing. Here are things that keep me feeling happy and motivated. 

  1. Spend time outdoors 
Being outside in your favourite snug jumper with a warming winter beverage, feeling the leaves crunch under your feet is a wonderful way to wrap yourself in Autumn. 

  1. Keep a gratitude diary
Remind yourself of things in life you are thankful for. Whether it be places, people or pastimes, we all have something that makes us feel happy. Kikki K have some great gratitude diary’s and journals. Find them here 

  1. Take care of you
Pick a day where you can soak in the bath, light your favourite seasonal candle and pamper yourself. One of my favourite new products to combat cold weather lips is The Balm Kind lip balm packed with skin-kind ingredients to ensure your lips are soft all year round. Find it here 

  1. Treat Yourself! 
But that new jumper, cosy scarf or winter coat! I had my eye on a Zara jumper for weeks and I eventually just bit the bullet and purchased it. Find it here

  1. Embrace Warmth
The warmth from friends, surroundings and cosy food. I love a spooky film and a flavoured coffee, snuggled in a blanket. Also, I enjoy making soups and freezing them for healthy lunches. Alternatively Glorious do some tasty soups including a butternut squash flavour. Find them here

What are your favourite ways to spend autumn days?

Sutton Park, Birmingham

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