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Hope you’re all having a great week and enjoying October so far. I know I am! I attended a wonderful blogger event last week which I will tell you more about in an upcoming post..

 I am by no means a perfume snob and would say there are many scents that I’m fond of but will often switch from brand to brand. Some of my favourite scents are from Jo Malone (Peony Blush And Suede), Jean Paul Gautier Classic and Viktor & Rolfe Flowerbomb to name some of my top picks. But as the seasons change, I like to experiment and try new scent combinations. After all, isn’t it lovely that we can spray a perfume and be transported back to our favourite season or one of our most loved memories?

Last week a parcel landed on my doorstep and enclosed were two perfumes, The Rose Gold Eau De Parfum by Monsoon and Lovelily Eau De Parfum Natural Spray by Accessorize. Here are my thoughts on both scents! 

The Rose Gold Eau Da Parfum by Monsoon | £35 for 150ml  
Find it here

Top Notes:

Sparkling Lemon
Soft Fruit
Ozonic Scents (Guys I looked up Ozonic – its fresh scents like sea air, water scents for example)

Layered with:

Velvety Rose

My initial thoughts were most definitely that the packaging is simply beautiful and ulta luxe. Encased in a solid white box complete with rose gold detailing, the perfume bottle is glass, topped with a lovely statement lid continuing with the gold detailing on the bottle. It looks simply beautiful perched on my dressing table! The scent is a great transitional scent to move from autumn into winter as it is slightly heavier but still has a fresh hit. 
The perfume lingered on my skin all day and I only had an additional spritz around lunchtime. 

Love Lily Eau Da Parfum Natural Spray by Accessorize | £19 for 75ml 
Find it here


Sweet Vanilla 

Love Lily is a light and very sweet fragrance that is ideal for daytime or as a spring/summer scent. The notes aren’t as complex and layered as the Rose Gold parfum but this is a natural spray as the title suggests. 
 Let’s talk about the bottle... it’s simply beautiful and fun, with a little flower encased in the lid. Such an Instagram friendly bottle and perfect for younger girls or teenagers too! The longevity of this scent isn’t as lengthy as the Rose Gold parfum but can be topped up throughout the day and for £19, why not?

Both of these perfumes would make perfect Christmas presents and they already come packaged beautifully, so all you need is a gift tag along with a little bow on top! 

Which scent is your favourite? 

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