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 When it comes to my eye makeup, I seem to have a  few signature looks. I switch it up between  a nude/cut crease eye, black winged liner or sometimes I will just go for mascara and no colour on the lid whatsoever.       However, the past month or so I have been trying out new makeup looks and experimenting with techniques and colour. A warm, yellow and orange eye is something I have been really enjoying, so moving forward I want to continue to experiment with new looks.

I received a lovely little parcel from the guys at 3INA containing everything I could need to ensure my eyes are bang on trend this season. Here is what I received and how I got on with the products!

 The Eyebrow Kit in | £15.95 available here

This is such a handy little kit that comes complete with quite a large mirror within the compact. The one half contains a wax and the other contains a pigmented powder (can I add I was super happy with the cool toned, dark blonde shade I received and how well it matched!). Initially, I comb through my brows ensuring the front hairs are brushed upwards and I use the wax to swipe through the hairs to hold them in place. If I notice any strays, there are some ultra dinky black tweezers in the compact that are great for on the go along with two brushes to apply the powder and wax. To finish up I simply brush through the pigmented powder and I’m good to go. Cara Delevigne eat your heart out.  

The Duo Eyeshadow in 602 | £10.95 available here

 The first thing that struck me about this neat little eye duo is the abstract design and how the product looks baked into the pan. The one side is a beautiful rusty, earth shade perfect for popping in the crease and defining below the eye and the second shade is a beautiful shimmer shade, ideal for the brow bone and inner corners. When you swipe your finger across the pan, it feels very soft and has a beautiful pigment. This product is perfect for on the go and contains two staple shades to create a clean, simple look! 

The Eye Gloss in 502| £9.95 available here

 I know what you’re all thinking right now.. “Soph, did you mean lip gloss?”
 No guys, this is actually a twist up gloss pen with a sponge tip applicator designed to give a hydrating sheen to your eyelids. This can be used to create a healthy hydrated look or as I used it, popped on the brow bone followed by the shimmer eye shade from the eye duo. This really helped the pigment to pop and is fairly sheer so doesn’t give too much colour. 
 I even applied this down the bridge of my nose before applying my powder highlight. Such a great little product so high five to 3INA for inventing this awesome little pen, I’ve never seen anything like it!  

The Gel Eyeliner in 803 | £9.95 available here

 This is possibly my favourite new eyeliner... 
 I am a sucker for a plain black liquid eyeliner and tend to wear that most days. However when I received this beautiful cornflower blue gel liner I HAD to try out a look with it. 
 Using an angled liner brush, I swiped the colour across my lid, against my lash line and finishing off with a flick to stretch out the colour. I’m so very impressed with the pigment of this eyeliner and how it lasted the entire day. 
 Being something I wouldn’t normally wear I was a little nervous but I received so many compliments that day! So go ahead, be bold and daring - you might find a new look that you love! 

 3INA (pronounced mee-na) are a cruelty free, paraben brand that have the highest quality products at reasonable prices. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Aswell as the website, you can find them on ASOS! 

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