Frightening Fortune Teller Halloween Look Using Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Happy October! 

As we have officially hit the spookiest month of the year, I thought I’d kick things off by sharing with you a different type of Halloween look I created with the help of my Glitter Lips kit from Beauty Boulevard. I call it “frightening fortune teller”...

Ultimately for this look, I didn’t use any face paints or SFX and it was created entirely using the contents of my makeup bag. I opted for a dark, smokey eye look along with some heavy contouring. The “third eye” was created using a pencil liner followed by the same makeup I used on my eyes. I added an old pair of false eyelashes too just to give it a more authentic look. The finishing touch to top it off? Read below... 

Beauty Blvd Glitter Lip Kit in Breathless | £6.50 | Find it here

Honestly? When I first received this, my first thoughts were “I’m definitely going to need a blue lipstick to slick on under this glitter” as I was under the misapprehension the glitter itself wouldn’t provide a solid enough base. How wrong I was..

Using the Glitter Lips Gloss Bond, I carefully applied this to my lips directly with the applicator in the tube. Picking up some glitter on the brush provided, I pressed the glitter on the bond as it was still in it’s tacky stage. In the corner of my lips where I’d missed a spot I simply reapplied a small amount of bond and popped a little more glitter on. I can’t believe how opaque the colour is and is absolutely not translucent. There was basically no fallout of the glitter and application was easier than I ever imagined! The end result is show-stopping glitter lips that are sure to steal the limelight at any party this upcoming Halloween! Psst.. I can’t wait to try the red Glitter Lips or maybe even gold for the Christmas season!

I hope you enjoyed this little look guys, show me your Halloween looks too in the comments below. 


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  3. When glitter is labeled as "cosmetics grade" glitter it means that the sizes of the individual pieces of glitter are much smaller and much more refined than just "craft" quality glitter. Pound glitter in bulks

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