Bath and Body Works Fall Haul

Hey Everyone! 

 Hopefully you’re all having a great week and looking forward to October! I’ve not had the best week this week but I wanted to show you all some treats I got from Bath & Body Works. The scents from this brand for body and home are beautiful all year round, but during fall everything is ultra dreamy. I first fell in love with the brand during a trip to Florida in 2014 and I’ve never looked back. Here’s what I managed to get hold of.. 

Pocketbac in Sorry I’m Latte and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte 

These are perfect for my desk at work and to throw in my bag. Ive never known a scent linger on my hands for so long! The formula doesn’t dry my hands out and leaves them clean but soft. 

Sorry I’m Latte is a rich warm scent, containing a blend of almond, honey and tonka bean. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is the first scent I purchased from BBW and is a sweet creamy scent. The notes are Pumpkin Latte, toasted marshmallow and creamy sandalwood.

Harvest Pear Three Wick Candle 

Sweet Roasted Pear, Cinnamon Sugar Crumble, Freshly Whipped Buttercream

Before this is burnt, the pear scent is quite noticeable and smells fresh amongst the sweet notes. However when this candle burns I lose all scent of the pear and can only smell the sweetness in the candle. Now whilst I’m not saying I dislike it, I did expect Harvest Pear to be a little more pear- scented. The candle is lovely but it’s generally just a sweet candle and not particularly a fall candle when it burns.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Three Wick Candle 

Maple Syrup, Golden Waffles, Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar

This is easily my favourite of the two candles because the warmth of the spice blends perfectly with the sweetness of the sugar, making it a perfect autumn candle. The throw from this is insane and even when the lid is firmly on the jar, I can smell it in my room. 

For me this is perfect to burn in my room or in the kitchen. 

Spiced Apple Bourbon Hand Soap with Pumpkin Butter 

This is a much richer, thicker consistency to the foaming soaps (and I actually think I prefer the foam soaps) but it smells simply beautiful. It’s vey warm, blended with cinnamon, juicy apple and a splash of bourbon. I could honestly drink this it smells so warm and toasty, like an autumn toddy!  

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