An Evening With Kiehls

Hello to you all!
At the beginning of October, I attended a blogger event with Kiehls held at their new counter at Debenhams Merry Hill. The evening was fantastic and I wanted to share my experience with you. 

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by Hannah (the Kiehls events manager) and Sonja (she works on the new counter). Immediately, I felt at ease and it was wonderful to network and speak with everyone. 

 I had an initial skin test carried out so we could establish what my skin type was. Two tabs were held against my cheek and forehead and it turns out my skin type is normal - dehydrated, which didn’t come as a great surprise. I’ve always suffered from slight redness and a drier complexion. It isn’t flaky or particularly irritated, just drier than “average” skin. 

 Hannah talked me through the products that would be most suitable for my skin, including Iris Extract Activating Essence and Daily Reviving Concentrate. 

 One of the tips I recall is that the Creme De Corps Body Cream is used on the Victoria’s Secret models prior to their catwalk shows! It’s ultra hydrating, great for wearing over tan and leaves a beautiful sheen to the skin. 

 After cleansing, toning and having a face mask applied I felt ultra relaxed. Following this I had an essence patted into skin (I’m a firm believer of essence guys!) followed by serum and a B.B. Cream. I was completely elated with how healthy and glowing my skin looked afterwards. It was my skin, and my real skin was visible but just looked that much healthier but very natural. 
 I left the event feeling rejuvenated and radiant, along with feeling proud of my skin. My evening with Kiehls has absolutely shown me how to embrace my skin and work with products that compliment or enhance my skin. 
 A big thank you to Hannah with the rest of the team for being so welcoming and for my Kiehls goodies! 

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