Autumn Survival Products!

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the things I do to keep positive and in a healthy state of mind during autumn. I wanted to share with you three products that I’ve been enjoying that keep me feeling perky even in the colder months.

How to solve dull, autumn skin? 
ILUMA Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder | Find it HERE 

I’ve noticed my face looks far less glowy and more dull during the cooler months. I find along with my normal cleansing routine, every other day I like to use an exfoliant. One that is both brightening and exfoliating is ILUMA By Image Skincare. 
 All you need is a sprinkle of this in your palm and then apply it to wet skin. As you softly work this into your skin using circular motions, you’ll feel the soft exfoliation (not to mention the lovely sweet smell!). It provides me with just the right level of exfoliation and isn’t too harsh on my skin. Not only does it work wonders alone but you can mix this in with your daily cleanser! 

  • Removes debris and oil from pores
  • Contained natural enzymes, anti oxidants and botanicals
  • Paraben free
  • Ideal for all skin types

My skin is left feeling soft and thoroughly clean, without feeling remotely sensitive. Definitely a must to keep skin looking radiant in the colder months!

Need to look golden for a special occasion?
Skinny Tan Instant Tanner | Find it HERE 

 During the colder months I bring my tanning routine down a notch and tend to work with gradual tanners. Skinny Tan do a great one which I apply every other day. But during the times when I’m feeling lazy and need an instant boost of colour, I opt for this instant bronzer for face and body. I can apply this to exposed areas like legs, or go in all over for an airbrushed, natural bronze up. 

  • Contains subtle shimmer
  • Washes off easily with warm water
  • Use to spot tan areas like arms and legs
  • Perfect for that last minute glow 

If an event or occasion is sprung on me by surprise, this is my go to instant skin pick me-up glow product! 

Looking for pearly whites?
iwhite Whitening Kit | Find it HERE 

I tend to use a whitening toothpaste everyday, but coming up to party season and my birthday (I also have an upcoming wedding in December!) I like to go in with a safe whitening kit to ensure my teeth look at their very best. 
 The iwhite whitening kit is by far the most simple and effective kit I have used. The box comes complete with ten trays, enough to whiten both bottom and top teeth. All you do is peel back the foil packaging to reveal a small soft tray filled with the whitening liquid, press onto top and bottom teeth then sit for 20 minutes whilst the magic is working! 
  • Easy to use
  • No mess!
  • Instant results

My teeth looked whiter upon using these but my teeth are already fairly white. I noticed an immediate difference, particularly with a tooth that is slightly discoloured from trauma several years ago. It appeared brighter and less dull (I tend to notice a difference in its appearance). I team it with the iwhite daily toothpaste for best results!

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