Gousto Recipe Box Review

In the past few years, subscription box services have seen a major rise in popularity and I have been subscribed to a handful of different beauty boxes. But recently there has been a new wave of subscription box options, ranging from pet supplies, books and even food. 


Initially, a food box is something I didn’t think would benefit me, until one day I was struggling to decide what to eat for dinner that I could just throw together and that was also healthy. I started looking into food subscription boxes and came across Gousto Food Boxes. It’s such a clever concept to have the exact amount of ingredients delivered to your door to enable you to create wholesome, tasty meals! 

For some reason it always ends up being a mammoth task of finding a recipe to cook or being stood in the supermarket trying to decide what you need to cook a meal. Gousto takes out the stress for you! You can opt for a box catered for two people or four people and can choose from two recipes, three or even four.  The box I opted for contained two recipes with enough ingredients for two people and I managed to find a discount code for money off my first box! You can opt for a box each week, each fortnight or even  monthly and normal pricing as of the date of this post can be found below.


2 Person Box

Recipes (£6.25 per serving) Box price £24.99

Recipes (£5.00 per serving) Box price £29.99

Recipes £4.37 per serving) Box price £34.99

Family Box (Two adults & 2-3 children)

Recipes £3.97 per serving) Box price £31.75

Recipes (£3.56 per serving) Box price £42.75

Recipes (£2.98 per serving) Box price £47.75


One of my favourite aspects of Gousto is that they cater for so many varied diets including vegetarian (I opt for veggie recipes!) gluten free, dairy free and family friendly. If you are feeling like you need to cut back a little, you can even opt for the lighter option recipes.

My favourite aspects of the box!


· You are not tied into any subscriptions – you can pause and reactivate your delivery at any point 

·The ingredients are fantastic quality

·Learning new recipes and discovering new foods as we go

·An option to suit everyone

·Packaged to perfection complete with an ice pack to keep everything fresh


So, how did I actually get on with my box?


One of the recipe cards I received is for Mozerella and Portobello Mushroom Burgers – and they were DELICIOUS!  I used roasted Portobello mushroom topped with garlic-infused mozerella, all sandwiched in to a warm ciabatta accompanied by an olive and caper salsa. Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out. 

The simplicity of the recipe card was great and I had already sectioned my ingredients in the fridge for each recipe. All the ingredients were so fresh and it was simple to follow the recipe card. 

I can’t recommend Gousto enough and I will be continuing with my subscription moving forward, anticipating the next recipes I will be discovering! 

You can also receive a discount using promo code  SOPHI341766

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