10 August 2018

Cover Fx Power Play Foundation Review

Hey guys, 

How is your August looking so far? I hope it’s filled with happy days and sunshine. I am super excited as I start my new job this month! But I have some time off before I do start so I am enjoying relaxing and taking some down time. 

Last month I attended a Cover Fx Afternoon Tea to celebrate their iconic Power Play Foundation! I had the very best afternoon and I wrote a post all about that experience here. Prior to being kindly gifted some products from their range, I was a big fan of their concealer and the new products I have tried are just as incredible. 

Cover Fx Power Play Foundation | £38.00 for 35ml | Find it here

  • Available in 40 diverse shades
  • Sweatproof/ Waterproof/Transfer-proof
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Free from talc, oil, fragrance, parabans and gluten 
  • Stays all day without drying or dulling complexion 
This is a demi-matte foundation that does not dry my skin or look remotely heavy on the skin. It is buildable and can be applied in layers to create a more high-coverage finish. Throughout summer I have been wearing a tinted moisturiser but for the last few weeks I’ve been trying and testing Power Play.. It’s official... I am reverting back to foundation! It does not cover my skin to the extent where it leaves skin looking like a mask, my skin still shows through. My perfect shade and the shade I was matched to is N40 (this is the top shade in the medium section and is N for neutral, containing equal parts of pink and golden tones). This is matched so it blends into my neck and I do currently have a slight natural tan where I have caught the sun. 

Shade N40

 When it comes to application, I have tried a flat top foundation brush but actually fingertips are now my preferred method to create a more natural finish, as suggested by Cover Fx Director Of Artistry Trevor O’Keeffe. 
 After wearing the foundation for a full work day (8 hours plus) my skin doesn’t look tired or lack- lustre. It lasts throughout the day with no obvious signs of wearing. 

Whilst their Power Play foundation is exceptional, there are a few other picks from Cover FX that I have been enjoying teamed with my foundation. 

1. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo | £34.00 for 15ml | Find them here
So these drops leave skin looking ethereal, beautiful and I honestly feel like a sexy unicorn when I apply it to the tops of cheekbones, collarbones and shoulders. 
The drops will last a very long time because a little goes a long way. 

2. Cover FX High Performance Setting Spray | £23.00 for 120ml | Find it here
This setting spray really feels like a steam when you mist it across the skin. Does that make sense.. it’s like a fine steam and not at all heavy or “squirty”. My makeup doesn’t budge after using this. 

3. Cover FX Matte Setting Powder | £29.00 | Find it here
If you weren’t a fan of the Laura Mercier Powder (it had flashback, sorry but I wasn’t a fan guys) this is on a whole other level. It’s incredibly finely milled and doesn’t contain any talc for a soft finish. 

I hope you enjoyed having a read of my review and let me know your top Cover Fx picks below!

7 August 2018

Benito in Topshop Birmingham

Hey Guys! 

Since last year, I have been having my brows shaped and tinted at Benito Brow Bar (Find your nearest bar here) in my local Debenhams. Initially, I was ultra nervous as I’d never had my brows touched before because they are so fair and sparse that I’ve never felt the need to. But since having an expert from Benito work her magic with a tint and expert threading, I’ve realised it’s a necessary part of my beauty regime! It has helped make my brows look fuller and has halved the time spent shaping them with brow products. 

 So when Benito Brow Bar invited me to their Topshop launch in Birmingham I was beyond excited! To be recognised and approached by a brand you already adore is such an absolute honour. About a week and a half prior to the launch day, I had visited my local Benito for natural lash extensions and for my brows to be tinted. At the launch, there were Benito professionals on standby ready to give me the VIP treatment. My lashes were infilled with a more dramatic, curled lash and my brows were tidied up with a quick threading session. The Benito ladies always make me feel so at ease and relaxed, with the final result always looking fantastic. 

 My lashes will last for around another two weeks when they start to grow out with my natural lashes. I don’t apply any mascara to damage the lashes but I do where shadow and sometimes eyeliner. When I’m removing makeup, I make sure to use a non-oil based makeup remover so as not to effect the lashes. I try not to soak them when in the shower too so they don’t lose their lovely shape! 

 The afternoon in Topshop was spent with some other fantastic bloggers, an award winning MUA and the lovely Benito gang. It was lovely to catch up inbetween prosecco and candy floss cocktails! 

 My next Benito experience is going to be a lash lift, when all my natural lashes have shed and been removed I want to go with my natural lashes for a while. The Benito social media queen had hers lifted and they looked so beautiful! I cannot wait to not have the aggro of lash curlers everyday or applying falsies. 

Let me know your favourite lash and brow tips below

15 July 2018

Afternoon tea with Cover FX

What’s up everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my experience of an incredible event I was fortunate enough to attend this week with vegan makeup brand Cover FX. To receive an invite for a brand I already fangirl over made my year! 

Big smiles with Trevor O’Keefe Director of Artistry for Cover FX 

It was fantastic to meet beauty and fashion blogger Gabriella Grigo! 

 So if you don’t know a whole heap about the brand Cover FX then I’m about to fill you in. They are all about creating high-performing formulas that are innovative and customisable. During my afternoon with Trevor O’Keefe (UK Director of Artistry for Cover Fx) I discovered that the brand really focus what’s in their products to ensure the makeup they produce is good for your skin and won’t create more skin issues. Free from the “Inflammatory Five”  the brand ensure the products don’t include fragrance, gluten, parabans, mineral oil or talc. This means not only are they free from skin haters but are also vegan and cruelty free (a must in my book)! 

 One of the most important points I took away from Trevor is that it’s all about how you feel when you wear makeup. We all have different application, shade and style preferences, so it’s really about how confident we feel when we make those choices. And with an impressive range of 5 primers, 6 correctors and 40 foundation shades why wouldn’t we feel confident?! 

 Alongside our introduction to their new Power Play Foundation, we had a gorgeous vegan afternoon tea complete with vegan prosecco and I was mesmerised as Trevor talked us through an entire base application with a beautiful Cover FX model. 

 One of my tips I took away from the session was to use your powered brush to press and roll your setting powder, to ensure the product is really set into the skin.  Trevor also said the most beneficial places on your facebto highlight are the brow bone, Cupid’s bow and tops of cheekbones and a dab on the tip of the nose. 

Power Play Foundation is a matte foundation that has completely weightless coverage providing sweatproof all day wear, shine control along with environmental protection. I am a huge advocate for brands having a diverse shade range and Cover FX did just that with 40 shades available! The undertones available are pink, neutral and golden, so there really is something for everyone. I was fortunate enough to be matched by the experts to my custom shade and will be posting an in depth review of the foundation once it’s fully trialled and tested by moi! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you have any products from Cover FX you would recommend please let me know. 

You can now shop Cover FX in Selfridges Beauty Department Birmingham and here at Cult Beauty