20 March 2018

The Ordinary Review

If there’s one brand that has captured my attention in 2018, it’s The Ordinary. The brand offers an array of skincare saviours, from skin oils to retinoids, with two foundation formulas also added for good measure. There is a real science behind their products that fascinates me and if you take the time to learn which ingredients work for your skin type, you can see astounding results. 

 One evening, I decided to sit down and explore The Ordinary website in search of a totally new skincare routine. I was overwhelmed. So tip number one – don’t stop by the website unprepared. The website features a handy little guide which offers a simple, no-nonsense skincare regimen for a variety of different skin types from dehydrated skin to textural irregularities. I simply found the closest skin type to my own (which is definitely dehydrated FYI) and made note of the products required for AM and PM that would build my tailored regimen. 

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5| £5.95 for 30ml| Find it  

This is the skin’s first hydration layer and the first level of locking in hydration. I simply take 1-2 drops of this in my hand and press it into the skin. It feels slightly sticky initially but then dries down leaving no residue and your skin ready for the second hydration hit, either in oil or moisturiser form.  This product is to be used both morning and evening. 


·   Hyaluronic Acid can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water

·   Leaves skin hydrated with a more even skin texture

·   Free from silicone, oil, alcohol and nuts 

·   Vegan and cruelty free 


100% Plant Derived Squalane| £5.50 for 30ml| Find it here

This is my evening ritual product after I have applied the Hyaluronic Acid. Once my skin is completely dried from the HA, I take 1-2 drops of this in my hand and press into the skin, ensuring not to rub (I found if I rubbed at the skin, it awakened the HA and gave an odd texture to the skin so pressing is the best technique). 


·   Squalene is an excellent hydrator but can also prevent the ongoing loss of skins hydration 

·   Suitable for all skin types 

·   Can also be used in hair 

·   Free from water, alcohol, oil, silicone, nuts and gluten

·   Vegan and cruelty free 


Natural Moisturising Factors + HA | £6.80 for 100ml| Find it here

In the morning following my HA application, I apply a 5p sized blob to my face and neck. This is a perfect non-greasy, hydrating base worn alone or underneath makeup. Containing 11 amino acids, phospholipids, alpha/beta/gamma fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols and sterol esters, glycerin, ceramide precursors, urea, saccharides, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid.


·   Non-greasy 

·   Immediate skin hydration 

·   Free from alcohol, oils, silicone and nuts

·   Vegan and cruelty free


Coverage Foundation | £5.90 for 30ml| Find it here 


So not only did I completely nail down a new skincare routine, but I also went to the next step and purchased the coverage foundation. It boasts a full coverage whilst still having a lightweight texture that doesn’t appear heavy on the skin. Sounds like a dream right? Keep reading.


The foundation comes in two formulas, one that is coverage and one that is serum. I’d like to try both to compare but I feel the coverage foundation is so light in consistency I’m not sure what the serum base would offer me. Available in an impressive 21 shades, they are divided into three categories: 1 for fair to lighter tones, 2 for medium tones; and 3 for darker tones. Then each category has a digit which indicates shade strength and then a letter to identify the undertone. For example, N indicates a neutral tone, Y indicates a yellow undertone and P indicate cool undertones. 

To find your undertone, a good tip I have always followed is to check the veins on your forearm. If the veins are blue or purple you have pink/cool undertones and if the veins are more yellow your skin is warm toned. I know I am a classic pale tone with pink undertones and I opted for shade 1.1p.


Let me start by saying, I honestly don’t think I will ever need another foundation in my life. It’s a bold statement right? 

I simply shake to waken the liquid formula and dispense two pumps onto the back of my hand. Then using a damp beauty blender, I apply the product to the central points of my face, focusing on my chin, cheeks and center of my forehead blending outwards to the areas that require less coverage. 


·   21 shades

·   Alcohol, oil, nut, soya, gluten free

·   Vegan and cruelty free

·   Contains coconut alkanes 

·   Coverage with a light, non-cakey texture

·   SPF 15 


The rave reviews for The Ordinary overall is completely just. They produce superb products, in beautiful simplistic packaging that deliver top results every time. I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if there is anything else you would suggest purchasing from The Ordinary! 


17 February 2018

Look after your hair AND the planet

Hey Guys!

The older I get, the more aware I become about the damage we do to the planet on a daily basis and ways I can reduce that footprint. One thing I won’t do is slap a label on myself in terms of being vegetarian or vegan. From day one I was raised vegetarian and have never worn leather either. The more I’ve learnt about the dairy industry and how animals are exploited I have aimed to reduce the amount of animal derived produce I consume - mainly dairy and eggs (without calling myself “vegan” because the spectrum is so vast - and people get super serious about the whole thing). Alongside this, I am trying to use beauty products that are vegan but also better for my skin or hair. 

 Eco Cosmetics have very kindly hooked me up with two of their top haircare picks and I’m ultra excited. The idea of discovering a new product that is both kind to me and the planet makes me happy. 

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse | £9.95 | 100ml | Find it 

This is my step 1! Not only is this product incredibly light, but it smells like sheer heaven. Enriched with hair strengthening Goji Berry and moisture boosting Pomegranate, this mousse really is great for leaving hair shiny and also full of body. 
 Some hair mousses I have previously tried have left my hair crunchy, but this left my hair soft to the touch. I use two pumps and separate the amount between my two sections of hair, concentrating on the roots and mid lengths. 

Eco Cosmetics Hairspray | £9.95 | 150ml | Find it 

It’s kind of a big deal for me to use hairspray and yes that may sound odd, but I actually hate my hair feeling crispy, weighed down or greasy. This is probably one of the only hairsprays I have tried that doesn’t leave my hair feeling disgusting, or leave me wanting to grab my shampoo. 

 This product also has additional Jojoba and Sesame oil to lock in moisture but also hold my hair in place. Sometimes I get annoying little sections near the front of my hair, close to the root that will wave and kink. So this spray is ideal for calming these down! 

14 February 2018

My Valentines Day

So this isn’t your typical Valentines Day post. I haven’t collated a list of best gifts for her, for him or my favourite date night places. Instead, I decided to put pen to paper and think about what I want this Valentines Day. 

 Everyday we put so much love into people, whether it be our loved ones, our family or our friends. Isn’t it easy to forget to love ourselves? After all, the relationship we have with ourselves is possibly the most important relationship we will ever have. If the relationship we have with ourselves isn’t solid, how can we ever expect to connect and let others in? 

Stop apologising. You don’t have to be sorry for the way you laugh, your annoying little habits or how you speak. Being yourself is nothing you need to apologise for. Accepting who you are is something we all need to do because this is it and it’s what is within us and makes us who we are. Start loving that laugh, the way you do things and your sense of humour. Embrace it and carry it in your heart.

 Whether you are single, in love or in that “complicated place”, here are my thoughts on how to practice self love on Valentine’s Day and every other day. 

Take A Break From Social Media 

Whether it’s twitter or Instagram, we can all be guilty of spending a little too much time on social media and forgetting about the here and now. Are we really absorbing memories or loving them through a screen? I have been combatting this feeling by simply logging out of apps. It’s refreshing and sometimes just setting your phone to Do Not Disturb allows you to think and be in the here and now. 

Treat Yourself

You don’t actually have to wait for that person to buy you that bracelet you wanted, or that box of chocolates you fancied indulging in. Buy yourself a gift, even if it’s a new tshirt or simply some flowers for your room. You deserve it. 


Remember the people around you who make you feel good and surround yourself with them. Buy them a valentines card and a flower to show them you appreciate them. Keep the people close to you who are like sunshine and absorb their sunlight. 

Go On A Date... With You!

Sometimes the best time for mindfulness is to be alone and take in your surroundings or thoughts. Take yourself to your favourite cafe or coffee shop, order a coffee and a cake. I love to do this and just watch the world go by with a notebook on my lap. Thoughts clear in my mind and I’m able to find my own little piece of relaxation where nobody can disturb it. 

You carry so much love in you heart, give some to yourself.