Spring Skin Renewal with Dr Aesthetica

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Since I’ve hit my 30’s I’m more on top of my skincare regime than I’ve ever been but even with a solid routine, I can still notice my skin changing. Collagen is a protein your body creates but as we age the quality and quantity of that collagen decreases, which leads to fine lines and skin becoming less tight. These changes differ for us all and can be dependent on skin type. 

As a skincare blogger I’m fortunate to be able to try out formulas and skincare treatments. Just over a week ago I was fortunate enough to spend the morning at Dr Aesthetica in Birmingham and I was kindly gifted the experience of their Spring Skin Renewal package. 

Skin Spring Renewal Package and what it consists of 
The package consists of two treatments to tighten and brighten your skin, working together as the perfect refresh for the new season. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Microneedling with Growth Factors are two procedures which last 45 minutes each. Post treatment boasts minimised pores, fine lines blurred and an overall dewy follow that will last up to three months. 

Prior to the first treatment which is Skin Tightening, I spoke with clinic manager and skincare specialist Kiran. I was introduced to the clinic and shown around the bright, inviting space, immediately feeling comfortable with my surroundings. I completed my medical forms on the iPad and then met with skincare therapist Stephanie. She talked me through the treatments and explained how my skin thickness and collagen has decreased as I’ve reached my 30’s so that’s what we’d be working on. We will be thankful for preventative measures when we get a little older!

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
This treatment is to restore elasticity and rejuvenate skin. Stephanie explained to me we would be working more on the dermis layer of my skin, but the machine used for skin tightening can be tailored to work on lower levels if required. The lower levels of skin being targeted would be more suited for skin that is particularly crepey or loose. The targeted treatment can be used to tighten loose skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines (and cellulite if used on the body). 

Now for the technical bit. The treatment uses electromagnetic waves to heat the surface of the skin but also the deeper layers of skin. 

The main benefits are:
  1. Tissue retraction - Energy released by the electromagnetic waves causes the collagen matrix in the target area to contract which tightens the skin.
  2. New collagen formation - the RF energy stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise new collagen and repair the skin’s structural components. 
  3. Improved circulation - RF also improves the lymphatic and blood flow for enhanced oxygen supply and toxins clearance. 
My experience of Skin Tightening
The treatment itself was very relaxing and almost felt like a hot stone massage on your face. I could feel the late heating up but my skin didn’t feel at all uncomfortable and I didn’t feel any discomfort. Following the treatment, I had some slight redness as I do have rosacea but no more than if I’d just cleansed my face. My skin looked tighter, more youthful and particularly more contoured around my jaw and cheeks. 

You can read more about Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and book a consultation. 

Microneedling with Growth Factors 
Following part 1 of the treatment, it was time for the collagen inducing treatment Microneedling, using a SkinPen and Stem Cell technology to resolve a wide variety of skin issues such as:
  1. Reduction of fine lines
  2. Even skin tone 
  3. Decrease hyperpigmentation
  4. Reduce the appearance of pitting and acne
My experience of Microneedling 
 I was slightly nervous for the second half of the treatment as it’s more invasive. Stephanie again talked me through each step of the process and applied a topical anaesthetic cream all over my face prior to the session to make the procedure more comfortable. The process uses small needles to prick the skin to then generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer skin. The punctures created in the skin naturally create a trauma response which results in rejuvenation and healing. 

It wasn’t at all painful, and felt like more of a tickle against my skin. As someone who has experienced tattoos and piercings, this was nowhere near that level of discomfort. I sat comfortably throughout the process which lasted around 15-20 minutes. Post treatment my skin was very red and felt tight, which is completely normal. After Microneedling finishes, you then begin the process of rolling the Stem Cells onto the skin. This reduces downtime and improves the results, leading to greater collagen creation. I also noticed the redness lessen after the application of the Stemcells. 

The aftercare 
The following few hours my skin was fairly red, but it did lessen as the day went on. That evening I ensured I had clean pyjamas and beddings advised by Stephanie. I was also provided with two gel treatments to apply to my skin that day and the following day, to help with any irritation or tightness. The following day there was a little peeling and dryness, I then used a really calming cleanser which wasn’t disruptive. I used a second gel the following day and applied it as frequently as I felt necessary.

You can read more about Microneedling and book a consultation.

I’m a week on since my treatment and my skin looks visibly less red, tighter and more youthful. I also really noticed a difference in my neck whereas before my treatment I wouldn’t have necessarily considered a treatment for my neck. I was so impressed with the overall experience at Dr Aesthetica, all of my questions were answered in full during the procedures and also post procedure, the team were always on hand to answer any queries I had. Thank you for a wonderful experience Kiran, Stephanie and Tina!

A treat for my blog readers 
I can’t wait to explore more treatments with Dr Aesthetica after seeing the results from my Spring Skin Renewal. Dr Aesthetica have kindly agreed blog readers can take £25.00 off ANY treatment at Dr Aesthetica using code SOPHIESCRIBBLES25.  

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