Aldi Lacura Cleansing Balm Review

I use a cleansing balm or oil everyday as part of my skincare regime. I have a few requirements that I look for; something that will easily melt away my makeup, doesn’t irritate my skin and leaves me feeling clear. 

When I saw Aldi had released their Lacura Cleansing Balm, I took a trip to the middle aisle to see how it compares to the pricier cleansing balms on the market. I do think they’ve released this particular balm before and I’m unsure if it’s been reformulated.

I managed to pick up the cleansing balm on Sunday (29 January) and they had a handful of cleansers remaining. At the time this post goes live I’m unable to see a link for the cleanser online however would hope it’s still available in store. 

The Packaging 
At first glance, the cleanser packaging is reminiscent of the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. I’ve  tried the Emma Hardie cleanser several times and have to say I love everything about it. The Aldi Cleanser comes in a similarly coloured pewter pot, which looks minimal and inoffensive. This is my first indication that it’s a dupe for Emma Hardie and not the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

How it works 
The cleanser doesn’t come with a muslin cloth so I pulled out a fresh one for the occasion. I took a scoop of the cleanser and noticed it was softer in texture than some other balms. It does contain Moringa oil the same as the Emma Hardie balm, but also contains shea  butter and cocoa butter which helps the balm be softer in consistency. 

I found it took less time to work the balm into my skin as the formula wasn’t too thick, but meant the product had less time to melt down into my skin. A full face of makeup didn’t seem too testing for the balm and it worked well to break down my makeup. After using it across my face I went in with a muslin cloth to remove the balm. I repeated the same steps for my second cleanse the same as I would with any other cleanser to ensure I’d not only removed my makeup from the surface but thoroughly cleanser down into my pores. It wasn’t difficult to remove and didn’t leave any greasy residue behind.  

The scent was pleasant and my skin didn’t feel remotely aggrevated after use. I do have mild roseacea so some products can easily rile my skin. 

As with the Elemis and Emma Hardie formulations, I’ve left them on my skin to act as a hydrating mask before rinsing. I’m unsure if the Aldi balm would provide the same benefits but I might test that out.

What it’s a dupe for 
The balm wasn’t a dupe for the Elemis cleanser in my opinion. However I do feel it’s similar to the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and also the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Overall I’d absolutely pick this balm up again and have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to be a sellout. It’s a yes from me! 

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