Why I don’t want things to go back to normal

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I thought to myself “I won’t be one of those people who babbles on about the current situation, I prefer to speak about things that bring people happiness”.
To a certain degree, I still agree with this notion. But I’ve very recently found myself reflecting on life and the changes which we have all been thrown into. Trying to find ways of adapting and learning to live as simplistically as we can is what everyone all over the world is practicing right now. But here’s something I never thought I would say:
I don’t WANT to go back to the way things were.

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So here in the UK we have hit week 6(I think that’s right, although I did join the isolation party a little later) and a shift in my thought pattern is apparent. My daily grind is feeling less pressured. When I wake up, no longer do I worry about the usual concerns, such as whether my train to work will be delayed or if I’ve got time to complete a fully contoured makeup look for me to wear for a day in the office. The simple things have taken their place like having a relatively quick shower, applying a bit of moisturiser and sticking the kettle on as my work laptop wakes up. 

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I don’t need to worry about my friends, friends, brothers, aunties birthday party and concern myself with what to wear, or the repercussions if I don’t attend. Or when I’m going to squeeze hair wash and blow dry night in, around my yoga class or eyelash appointment. 

I’m currently living everyday doing what needs to be done and doing the things which please me, nothing more. The pressure has been minimised into just the one open tab in my mind as opposed to 26 different thought tabs being open at once. Priorities have shifted. I no longer need to go and grab an iced coffee from my favourite coffee outlet or rely on my yoga teacher to help me feel at peace. Me, I’m the one capable of providing myself with these things. I make my coffee to my taste and run my own personal yoga class from home! 

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We are all focused on the things we really need to keep us comfortable everyday and to keep us energised. There isn’t really a desire to overspend or overindulge. Cooking from home is the new going out. 

I won’t pretend like there aren’t people and places that I greatly miss. There are, of course there are. But those people and places I’ll be so much more grateful for than I ever was in times before all of this. And when we are in the “new life” I’ll be sure to squeeze those people a bit tighter and to soak up my surroundings a little longer. 

Instead of speaking about how we were, let’s share what we want it to be. Concentrate on what has changed and what must continue to change. It’s time to create our new “normal”. 

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  1. Lovely post Sophie, totally agree with you. I think its great to see people slowing down and really focussing on what is important to them. It also good to have social pressures alleviated (old lady alert!)

    Elly x


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