Bright and Fresh Easter Decor Ideas

Pastel hues, speckled eggs and sugary scents.
All of us are spending the majority of our time indoors right now, so I wanted to make my space as happy, bright and spring appropriate as possible. Just like I do for Halloween and Christmas, I’ve always enjoyed decorating for the Easter holiday. It symbolises a fresh start and it's a much needed reset. 

I am currently lusting after sage green tones, rabbit prints and fresh candles.

Here’s a few of the bits I’ve added to my home to make me smile and I hope you can take some inspiration for Easter and Spring.

Bloom & Wild deliver bouquets direct to your door and even offer a "letterbox bouquet". They are posted through your door and are sent in bud so they last longer. I opted for "The Hallie" bouquet and I have been enjoying them whilst working from home. You can find all their beautiful spring bouquets over at Bloom & Wild here

A little delicious extra I added to my delivery was this beautiful biscuit from Biscuiteers. Safe to say once I had taken a shot I had to nibble his ears off. Sorry, Bunny. Check out Biscuiteers here

This has to be my favourite Easter decoration and I'm sorry to say, I didn't hand-craft it. It was picked up from TKmaxx here. They always have the very best seasonal decor and I believe a lot of it comes from their American sister store, TJmaxx.

Bath & Body Works is a brand I wish we had over here in the UK. I recall the first time I visited America, i returned home with $300 worth of their products and candles. Some time ago, I read an article which confirmed we did have BBW in the UK at one stage, I'm sure it was sold in Next of all places back in the 90's. 

Anyway, their candles burn like no other brand I've tried and their soaps are dreamy. Whilst they dont ship direct to the UK, you can hunt online and find some groups on Facebook that sell them. 

My very own Easter Bunny, Lucille delivered my Easter egg. Doesn't she look like the Cadburys caramel bunny?

Happy Easter everyone 

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