The Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

Happy Thursyay all! 

If like me, the Shane Dawson docuseries “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star has had you hooked, you will know about the launch of their collaboration which created the Conspiracy Palette. Seeing how the entire palette was born and the thought process, work and creativity that has been poured into it, really helped to capture my attention. The series is something that I haven’t seen done before and it has played a big part in this palette and collection being one of the biggest beauty launches ever. 

Along with another smaller palette, the collection hosts a range of lust-worthy products such as a lip bundle, root beer scented lip gloss and a pig mirror. 
Now in all honesty, I don’t recall the last time I got excited about an eye palette. I’ve picked up the odd shadows here and there but nothing has captured me like this since Gwen Stefani releases her palette with Urban Decay many years ago. 
But the Conspiracy Palette caught me, hook line and sinker. At first I did have the apprehension of, do these shades sync together? Do I need it? Will I use it? I can confirm a resounding YES to all of the above. 

The release was hyped to the heavens and rightly so. I went through an hour on Beauty Bay to no avail, so I ended up downloading the Beauty Bay app (top tip!) and I managed to get one in my basket. I had the clear gloss in there too but it was dragged out of the basket last minute. Nonetheless I got the palette. 

And here she is. 

The palette contains a great mix of matte shades and shimmers which can be combined to create so many different, wearable looks. Some of the standout shades are even bold enough to just be worn alone on the eye, depending on what you’re looking for. In his latest video, Jeffree shows how he uses shades such as pig-ment as a blush and tanacon as a contour shade, showing just how versatile the palette is.

The shadows themselves glide on to the eye, butter soft and the pigment is like nothing I’ve seen from any other eyeshadow. They last on my eyes all day, remaining after I’ve had them on for around 8+ hours. One thing I will say is that some of the more shimmery shades have a slight fallout, but it’s only if you’re too heavy handed with a brush. I’ve fixed that by pressing my brush instead of swiping it, to ensure minimal fallout. 

Left to right: Spiralling, Just a Theory, Diet Root Beer, Tanacon, My Pills and Ranch

Left to right: Cheese Dust, Flaming Hot, Trisha, Food Videos, Pig-ment and Conspiracy 

Left to right: My Ride’s Here, Illluminatea, Sleep Paralysis, Not a Fact, Diet Cola and What’s the Tea

One thing I do love is the little nods to Shane in the shade names, it’s really well thought out and means something which people appreciate. It makes it that little more personal and shows thought was put into the palette. 

Here’s a look I put together using Tanacon, Diet Root Beer and Just a Theory.

I have used some of the green shades, Conspiracy and Illuminatea with Tanacon to try something I don’t usually wear (I feel like green isn’t my shade) but it was actually a pretty look and never something I would normally try out but this palette is just full of potential looks.

Did you manage to get your hands on anything from the collection? 

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