Once Upon a Time in Birmingham

If you’re looking for an alternative to Birmingham’s German Christmas Market, look no further.

Once Upon a Time in Birmingham features a light installation containing 88,000 fairy lights, a festive tea parlour and a party bar.
Located in central Birmingham City Centre where Jamie’s Italian once was, it’s easy to get to when visiting Birmingham or surrounding areas.

When you enter the space, the lights are mesmerising but given that Ezra special touch when you wear the prism glasses provided, giving a kaleidoscope-style view as you walk into the installation. 

Entry is free, however with a ticket you are always guaranteed entry (imagine the festive crowds trying to get in from the cold?) and it entitles you to a discount on festive lunch and the option to pre-order drinks. You can get tickets here

On the topic of drinks, the Flamb├ęd Golden Eggnog and the Plum, Apple & Cinnamon Colour Changing Ice Tea are so delicious. I also tried the Gin & Pomegranate Punch which had a real festive flavour, with the slightest hint of winter spice.

One of my favourite spaces was The snug of a Thousand Tingles, featuring a button that you push for a surprise in the booth... 

My friend thought it was fantastic! 

It is such an immersive experience, I can’t recommend it enough if you are local or if you’re planning a trip to Birmingham this Christmas season. 
I was fortunate enough to experience the space before it was open to the public, but I will be returning very soon to try the Festive Christmas Tea! 

Find out prices and more here 

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