Brow Lamination for Fluffy Brows

Brow Lamination is that latest brow trend to hit the beauty industry and I predict that it is going to be HUGE. The bold, fluffy brow movement is one that isn’t going anywhere fast and I am obsessed. 

I’ve written previously about how Soap Brows are one of the greatest things I have ever tried and tested (find my blog post here). But I’ve been looking for a more permanent fix so when I heard about brow lamination I was so excited to give it a go. 

When Marco Benito contacted me to ask if I’d like to try out Brow Lamination in their salon located in Birmingham city centre, I jumped at the chance. 

I can hear you saying, “What are Laminated Brows?”
Of course, I had visions of my head being pressed into a laminating machine, but don’t worry it’s far simpler than that (and not at all painful!)

Brow Lamination is a series of mini steps that create the perfect brow that is shaped beautifully, tinted to perfection and set in place with the help of several different products including protein,liquid keratin and silicone. 

Here is how my treatment planned out!

The first treatment that is applied to the brows straightens the brow hairs to ensure they can be set in an upright position, giving them a more defined look. 

Brows are then brushed into whatever position you prefer and can be checked before further solution is applied. 

After this, brows are shaped either by threading or trimming and tinted to your desired shade. 
The final step is to apply the final solution to keep them all in place, I suppose almost like a top coat for the brows.

The process was painless and gave me no discomfort whatsoever. They last  for around 8 weeks so it is perfect to see you through the festive period. As my own brows are quite fair and the hair is quite fine, I’m not blessed with those Instagram-worthy fluffy brows but brow lamination really gives the effect of a micro-bladed brow. This is absolutely on my list of must have treatments and I will most definitely be topping them up in 8 weeks time! 

*post contains gifted service but all views are my own* 

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