The £20 Brow Product Vs The £1.20 Rival

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a top week and are suitably ready for the weekend. This weekend I’m going to another escape room which I’m super excited for (even though I’m usually the last person to figure stuff out!)

Anyway, today I’m talking about eyebrows.
I was never blessed with fluffy, full eyebrows. You know, the type you see on Instagram or in a glossy magazine. The best they look is when I’ve recently had them threaded and tinted, but even then I need the help of a few brow products to achieve maximum results. 

So when Iconic London released their Brow Silk, I was ready for it. It’s a small compact containing a wax-like product that helps to set brows in place, whilst achieving that fuller look. It’s clear in colour and can be worn alone or over your chosen brow shade. 

The product I normally use on my brows is a super elite, hard to get hold of product...
I’m totally kidding. I use Pears Soap. Yep, you heard me right. A bar of soap. It sets brows, it’s clear in colour and really makes those hairs stand up. It’s the original trick that was used on Hollywood Stars many years ago, when brow products really were lacking. Using a damp brow brush or spoolie, I pick up a bit of soap on the brush and comb through brows. It’s that easy. It sets my brows all day and the bar itself lasts for AGES. For only £1.20, it really is a makeup bag staple. 

However, when I saw the Brow Silk release I thought YES finally there is a slightly more convenient product to rival my old bar of soap, one that won’t clutter up my dressing table and isn’t a pain to travel with. And let’s be honest, it’s totally prettier. 

So £16 (and £4 for the Iconic Brow Brush both available here) to achieve a fluffy, defined brow. But does it do the job? The answer is yes. But I would say it “softly sets” eyebrows and doesn’t really set them in place. It’s more of a defining wax instead of a thickening, setting gel. Brows didn’t look particularly thicker either. 

So what exactly does this product do well? 
My main point for keeping hold of this product is probably to travel  with it as it’s compact and light. But even then, I would probably pack my trusty soap as I know it will give the desired effect. 

 The brush (that’s going to cost you a whole £4 extra by the way) is actually quite chunky, so isn’t as precise as a smaller spoolie brush, but is chunky enough to really coat every hair. 

Anyway enough chat. I wanted to show you the results of both using the Brow Silk and the Pears Soap. 

Before any brow product 

 Pears Soap applied to the left brow 
Brow Silk applied to the right brow
Both brows have a little brow pencil too

And finally, both brows after using pencil and finishing with my trusty favourite, Pears Soap. 

Well guys, to me we have a clear winner here. If you’re thinking of purchasing Iconic London Brow Silk, I recommend swerving and opting for a good old bar of soap instead. 

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