Skin Brightening Vitamin-C with Pixi

One of the first Pixi products I ever used was their Glow Tonic and it changed my skincare routine. Over the years, Pixi have since released an extensive range of cult skincare products. This now includes their Vitamin-C, power-packed skincare treats! Five products which are suitable for use both AM and PM, leaving skin bright, soft and balanced. 

Brighten & Cleanse 
Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser | £18.00 | Find it here 

To kick off my brightening routine, I apply the Juice Cleanser to a large cotton pad, using the new handy pump applicator. It makes skincare time so much easier, needing only one hand to grab a cotton pad, push down once on the easy pump and your pad has absorbed just enough product ready for your first step. 

One large cotton pad is enough to remove my days makeup, leaving my skin fresh and clear. There is no oily residue left behind and my skin hasn’t felt at all irritated. The orange flower water within the cleanser has a non-offensive,  fresh citrus scent that isn’t remotely reminiscent of toilet cleaning products.

Tone & Energise 
Vitamin-C Tonic | £10.00 | Find it here 

The new fresh, brightening little sister of Glow Tonic, this toner is a great final step for me at night before any oil or moisturiser is applied. Apply as before with a cotton pad, this will tone and energise skin. 

Willow bark & fruit extracts gently exfoliate and renew skin texture without leaving my sometimes sensitive skin aggravated. 

Could this be a contender to steal the Queen Glow Tonic’s crown? 

Treat & Protect
Vitamin-C Serum | £26.00 | Find it here

Perfect for use before bed, this oil illuminated and hydrated my complexion, leaving me glowing not greasy. I would even wear this during the day, when my skin is struggling and going through a dehydrated, lack-lustre stage (which it does have every now and again). Vitamin C & ferulic acid are proven to reduce the effects of sun damage & free radicals, helping to improve skin tone and creating a smoother complexion. 

Using the easy dropper (it just screws right on to the bottle in place of the lid) I distribute 2-3 drops into my palm, rub hands together then begin to press into my skin. There is a light fragrance again but it’s fresh and fitting for the summer months, but not potent enough to irritate my face. 

Moisturise and Energise
Vitamin-C Lotion | £24.00 | Find it l

Light and creamy with a non-greasy feel, this lotion is perfect for underneath makeup or on its own with enough hydration to last all day. It boosts my skins luminosity and is ideal for everyday use. 

Only a pea-sized dollop is needed for the face and neck, to ensure a fresh glow. When I first squeezed it out of the tube, the scent and cream texture reminded me of a lemon cream fondant that would sit perfectly on a cupcake. I promise I didn’t eat any - but the sugary lemon fragrance definitely leaves my skin smelling sweet and feeling silky smoothe.

Boost & Nourish
Vitamin-C Caviar Balm | £24.00 | Find it here

This is actually my favourite product of the new bunch. You simply pop it on your skin and allow the vitamins to fully absorb. It didn’t leave behind a greasy film or any oiliness, my skin drank up the product and left me with soft, supple skin. 

It’s marketed as a vitamin mask, so I thought it was going to sit for quite some time on the skin before fully absorbing but it settled pretty much immediately. There is a pleasent, citrus smell and this balm sits quite happily under makeup, without creating any slip or slide. 

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