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Hey Everyone,

I hope we are all having a top start to the month of April and haven’t already eaten a whole heap of mini eggs (I’m trying not to, really I am). 

 Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite ways to stay organised with the help of Personal Planner. This is my second year using a personal planner from them and it’s something I carry with me everyday to ensure I remember tasks for the day, write down any reminders and schedule in important appointments. Day to day, there is just so much to remember and think about, it can be hard to keep on top of everything. Personal Planner helps me to plan each day, each week and prep for the month ahead. And did I mention, it’s totally customisable? 

Along with planners, you can also create wall planners and notepads. 

The planner I opted for is a classic A5 size, which is handy to fit in my draw at work and also to carry in my bag without being too big! 
Above is an example of a weekly spread and how I chose to organise everything in my own way. First off, see that pretty pastel tree print at the top of the page? This is what I opted for as my page header for all pages throughout my planner. I chose the colour theme of each day (it’s rainbow!) and what features at the bottom of the page (for example, I’ve opted for a mini colour-in and a little inspirational quote). On the right hand page, this is actually dotted paper and perfect for bullet-journaling (something that I haven’t quite perfected..)

Even though I’m not an expert on bullet journaling, adding stickers and using coloured pens really helps to brighten up the pages and keep everything looking fun. There are no rules and it’s all dependent on how you want your planner to look! There are stickers and also a little ruler neatly tucked away at the back of the planner, which come in super handy! The stickers are a lovely touch to your weekly or monthly layouts. 

The ease of use on the Personal Planner website is fantastic and I find it super simple to use (I am a bit of a technophobe guys). You can choose your own image for the front of the planner, how you want your page spreads to look and what features you want in the pages. 

Never have I seen a diary or planner that is so customisable and flexible to an individuals needs, right down to the elastic that holds the planner neatyly together! 

My favourite new feature that has been newly added has to be the weekly boost module. It’s great to see a little motivational quote to use as your intention for the week ahead. 

If you have any tips for bullet journaling leave them below!

You can head to to crest your own planner! 

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own*

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