Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse: An Honest Review

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Hopefully you are all having a top start to the week and enjoying this spring sunshine - I know I am.

Today I am talking about a relatively new tan to hit the market - Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse. As an avid wearer of fake tan, I like to test and try out new formulas that launch to see what suits my skin type. Mousse tans are one of my preferred type of tans because the application is fuss-free and relatively simple, however I do find that mousse sits heavy on my drier skin type, meaning it can dry skin out more and in turn be more inclined to cling to those drier sections of skin. 

THE most moisturising tan EVER?

  • NEW technology allows a deeper tan without drying your skin!
  • No orange, no streaking, no nasty smell and with all the Skinny Tan goodness of hydrating Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Guarana berries.
  • Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients.
  • NO Parabens, NO Sulphates,  NO Alcohol, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free.
The natural extracts of Coconut Water, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera provide intense hydration and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. Normally when I apply a mousse, I feel it settle into my skin immediately and drying down fairly quickly. When I applied Moisture Mousse, my skin felt soft and hydrated. 

Application Tips 

1. Start with fresh, exfoliated skin and apply a light, non-greasy moisturiser to drier areas such as knees, elbows and feet.

2. Pump the mousse directly onto a Skinny Tan tanning mitt, starting at the feet and working your way up. 

3. Using light, circular motions I apply the mousse to my skin. 

4. Wait around five minutes before dressing, to allow the tan to fully absorb into skin.

5. I try to avoid long soaks in the bath and moisturise after every shower to maintain my tan. 

Before and After Application

Following the above steps normally allows me to maintain my tan for 6-7 days before I apply again. I always sleep in my tan, so apply late afternoon/early evening after a shower or bath then make sure i wear thin cotton pyjamas to bed to ensure I don't sweat in my sleep or leave streaks on my sheets. The next morning is when I wash off my tan and I am left with a golden, all over tan that looks natural. I find that sleeping in my tan gives me a more noticeable result and leaves me with my preferred shade. Naturally, my skin is fair/light so I can safely say I am not left looking overly dark or orange. Generally speaking, I can't say I have EVER loved the scent of a false tanner but Moisture Mousse smells like Vanilla & Coconut. Holidays in a bottle.. YUM. 

Final Thoughts?

Without a doubt, Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse is by far the best tanning product for my skin and I would definitely recommend, particularly for drier skin types. 

*This post contains gifted items*

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