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Happy Easter guys! 

I hope you all have a wonderful break over the Easter weekend and spend time in the sunshine with family and loved ones.

Today I’m talking about how I refresh and detox my skin with Pixi skincare treats. At least once a week (ideally twice when I have time) I will exfoliate, pop on a face mask and top it off with a rehydrating skin oil. 

When I received this box of treats from Pixi, I didn’t know which face mask to opt for first. But with the help of the handy built in spinner. It didn’t take me long to choose! Pixi always do the most innovative  packages, which definitely beat a plain old cardboard box when receiveing products. So I’ve been testing out a few bits and here’s how I got on.

This can actually be used 2-3 times a week and helps to exfoliate, clarifies and improves skins glow. I apply this to dry skin and leave for around 2 minutes. Then using fingertips, rotate into the skin using soft motions. This creates a mini exfoliation facial for the skin and left my skin fresh but not aggrevated.

This for me is a once a week job as it’s job is to draw out impurities. Packed into this mask is a green super food blend of avocado, cucumber, aloe, green tea and bamboo. Phew! Perfect for the end of the week when my skin is tired and dull. I simply apply this to my T-Zone and allow it to dry then peel off. Sorted 

This aims to stimulate, brighten and clarify skin and works to fight break outs - perfect for my hormonal monthly breakouts. This is ideally used at night time, but can also be used as a spot treatment to target individual blemishes. I apply after cleansing and leave for around 15 minutes. Using my Pixi cleansing cloth soaked (and rinsed) in warm water. I gently remove the mask using circular motions. The sea salt in this mask works to detoxify and the ginseng assists to brighten skin. 

Ok, so this is my FAVOURITE skin treat. This is a little tub of eye patches that contain hyaluronic acid and caffeine to reduce dark circles and puffiness. In the lid is a cute little spatula to help you remove your pair of patches from the tub (you discard them after use!)
I apply these in the morning or before I’m going out (top tip: they work even harder on eyes when kept chilled) and leave for around 10 minutes. Genius! 

I think sheet masks have to be my favourite of all masks, just because they are fuss free and with this one you can massage the remaining product into skin before throwing the mask away! The serum within the mask contains glycolic acid and aims to maintain skin health and brighten skin. My skin felt so soft and glow after this, I just love the results it gives. 

Pixi are so innovative and always have new, exciting releases. They excel within their skincare and beauty ranges, so I am thoroughly grateful that I am able to try their products and share my thoughts with you all. 

Thanks for reading XO 


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