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Happy Sunday everyone! 

I hope you’ve all had a restful weekend and ready for the week ahead (and if you’re not at least we have another bank holiday coming up soon!)

 Today I wanted to share my favourite three base products for spring and what I’ll be using moving into summer. My trusty Kat Von D foundation has gone into storage and I’m all about a softer, lighter base. For someone with a drier skin complexion, a heavy, mattifying foundation doesn’t work well with my skin and leaves it looking visibly dehydrated. 
 Here are the products I’ve been using lately to provide coverage along with a more glowy look. 

Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation in Vallauris| £35| Find it here

Previously I have used Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, but it’s just ever so slightly watery and I find it lacks coverage. But this foundation is lightweight and luminous, but also long-wearing and gives great coverage. My skin can breathe when I’m wearing this foundation and the formula contains raspberry, apple and watermelon extracts to ensure skin stays smoothe, soft and hydrated. Whilst it is perfect for my drier complexion, Nars confirm this foundation is great for all skin types - hurrah!
For application, I find this foundation works best simply using my fingers and then I finish up with a flat-top foundation brush just to smoothe out any areas that might need an extra blend.

Close up of skin following application of foundation, concealer and illuminator 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard| £24| Find it here

Of course, this isn’t a new one in the beauty world but it’s cult for a reason. There’s no need to layer this product up to provide coverage, it does the job perfectly on my undereyes and their blue-tinge with just one swipe. Again, this is a light texture that almost feels whipped but provides excellent coverage without making my under eyes look caked in product. No other concealer really matches up. Similarly, I also like to apply this with my fingers and blend out with a fluffy brush or my damp beauty blender.

Iconic London Illuminator in Original| £30| Find it here

In all honesty, my dream skin look is wet. Wet, dewy and glowing. I know this isn’t for everyone but that’s what I’m about. Prior to my foundation, I do use a Becca skin perfector, which contains a light glow applied all over the face. But for the illumination of areas like cheekbones, collarbones and Cupid’s bow I like a liquid highlight as opposed to a powder. A liquid just works better with my skin and doesn’t cling to drier areas. 
When I first used this product I thought I would need to actually use the dropper inside, but there is so much product enclosed I only had to dab the dropper on the back of my hand to distribute a dot of illuminator. Now, a dot of product may not seem like a lot, but actually a little goes a long way. Tapping the product into skin with fingers works best for me, applying to the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and if I’ve got my chest area on show, my collarbones. BAM. Glowing to the gods.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about the base products I’m enjoying this spring, let me know the products you’re currently loving and what you’ll be wearing into summer. 

Sophie xo 

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