Falling In Love With Yourself | Featuring Valentines Bouquet From Prestige Flowers

Isn’t it pretty easy to fall in love with people, places and ideas? But is it quite as easy to fall in love with ourselves? It’s seems like an odd question and maybe something we have never even contemplated. As I get a little older, I understand more than ever the importance of loving myself. This is for the simple reason that if I am not wholeheartedly, head over heels for myself, than who else is going to be?

There is a certain air of confidence and sexiness about a person who can love themselves. I don’t necessarily mean in an obnoxious, nauseating manner (because that can be offputting, right?) I’m talking about the sort of person who has flaws, a whole bunch of them in fact. But it’s about how they own those imperfections, embrace them and can in turn help others with their own insecurities. 

Falling inlove with yourself can mean the beginning of your path to happiness, if you don’t feel you’re already on it. So often I have been hung up on an aspect of my body, my face, my personality. Things I can’t always necessarily change because they’re all components that fit together to create ME. 

Everyday I am learning to love myself, create my own happiness in life and realise that in this moment I am here, present and have so much to be grateful for. 

So why not take yourself out for dinner? Treat yourself  to date night? Buy yourself sexy lingerie or flowers? 

 Prestige Flowers are an online flower delivery service based in the UK, offering flowers as well as a wide selection of gifts and hampers.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to show someone you’re thinking of them with the classic gesture of sending flowers?
My valentines package from Prestige Flowers contained the most stunning red roses, complete with luxurious gold leaves. The bouquet was accompanied with a teddy and a box of luxury chocolates, it was the most beautiful package to receive all packaged neatly in one box delivered right to my door. 

The roses arrived in pristine condition, already packaged in water and upright in protective boxed packaging. One week on and they are still going strong and looking just as beautiful as the day they arrived. 

You can find the valentines packages by clicking here

*This post contains gifted items but all views are my own*

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