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We are midway through January and whilst I find this month a little bit slow, I am still feeling those  chilled, post-Christmas vibes. Yes, I’m totally still enjoying lazy evenings watching Harry Potter and ensuring those last Christmas chocolates are cleared... it’s for everyone’s benefit that they are gone and out of the way right?
Even though I’m always down for dressing up, taking time over a bold makeup look and heading out, I love nothing more than spending my weekends or evenings after a long day at work in cosy loungewear and have some of the best picks out there. They have some fantastic womens dresses and dresses aswell as the loungewear! 

The first of my favourite loungewear sets is this Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set| size M/L|£26.99 here
In all honesty I didn’t expect to love this colour set as much as I do! Being light I thought it might not look great against my hair time but it actually compliments  my hair colour (and my Fila trainers look cool teamed with it too - yes I’m owning the “Dino stompers). The sizing on this set is true to size and they’re available in small to medium or medium to large ( I opted for medium to large and I’m a UK size 12)

Black With White Stripe Loungewear Set| Size M/L| £23.99 here

This is a totally soft set, with cuffed ankle detail and drawstring waist. This is perfect for relaxing at home, but then you can throw on some plain white trainers and a bomber jacket and you’re good to head out the door. These are my favourite clothes for the weekend because they are just so comfortable but still look cute. The sizing with this set is exactly the same and fits great.
 What I will point out about this particular outfit is it is a little more snug across my chest than the other two slightly more off the shoulder tops. I have fairly big boobs and whilst I wouldn’t change my body (this is me and all that) it can be annoying sometimes when tops or sets don’t fit how I’d like them. So just be mindful larger boobed ladies! 

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set| size M/L|£26.99 | Find it here

Exactly the same as my camel crop set, this set is slouchy but still looks kind of cool.
 P.S In this photo I was so cosy on the sofa in this outfit that I could have easily fallen asleep! 

One of my most sought after skills in life is to be able to completely chill out. I have trained myself to always attempt to draw a positive from a negative situation. 

What was it dumbledore said?

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light”.

I wanted to share my top tips for how I wind down after a stressful day at the office or at the end of a long, tedious week.

1. Stretch It Out
Stretching and meditation have been proven to ease tension and promote relaxation.  Maybe try a local class near to where you live or if there are non opt for a YouTube channel workout! Controlled breathing can is also wonderful for reducing stress and also blood pressure 

2. Put Pen To Paper 
This is something that personally works for me.
When my mind feels uncomfortably busy and there is a whole heap of different scenarios keeping me awake at night, I will pour my feelings onto paper in an attempt to work through them. It normally worlds wonders for me. 

3. Live Your Life
There is nothing I dislike more than sitting around with absolutely nothing to do. Your mind becomes preoccupied and in turn you are more likely to overthink scenarios or feel unhappy because of  not having enough to do or a lack of focus. If you fill your life with exciting activities and spend time with family and friends, your life will feel far more full and you won’t feel the need to dwell on any negative possibilities.

If you have any top tips of how you wind down I’m always looking for new ways to relax so comment below or speak to me on social media @sophiescribbles

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