A Visit to Lush Spa Birmingham

Happy Nearly End of January guys! 

I’m ultra happy that we have nearly reached the end of January and now Spring isn’t too far away.

Today I wanted to share with you my experience when I paid a visit to the brand spanking new Lush store and spa in Birmingham. I received an email asking if I would like to attend a VIP evening with them and of course, was more than happy to oblige. Rewind back to my teenage years, Lush was one of the first stores I discovered and immediately fell inlove with. Their entire ethos, product collection and ideology filled me with excitement. A brand who has ultra cool products, don’t test on animals and promote natural ingredients.
What’s not to love?

A lovely Lush member called Gemma showed me around the new store and my evening began with a browse around their facial skincare section. I picked up a new pot of “ultrabland cleanser”, which is ideal as an alternative to miceller water and jade roller which is my new morning skin saviour to cleanse my face, leaving it slightly dewy and clear. 

 I was fortunage enough to also receive “catastrophe cosmetic” which had been made fresh that day! It’s a calming face mask containing blueberries, suitable for even the most sensitive of skins!

Another pick I would highly recommend is “mortal kombu”, an undereye mask which is entirely made up of sea weed. All you have to do is wet it and apply under the eyes and hey presto - no more tired looking eyes!

Alongside all their wonderful skincare, we know Lush do seasonal treats like no other. Their Valentines Day treats are some of my favourites yet, with highlights being the “aubergine bath bomb”, “the big banana” massage bar and “peachy bath bomb”. I actually picked up a peachy bath bomb and a big banana, needing to repurchase both before they sell out. The big banana is one of my favourite products in a long time as it totally nourishes dry skin and smells like a fresh banana milkshake! 

After making our way upstairs, there was just time for a quick fragrance check. I told Gemma all about my favourite scents as recently I lean more towards earthy, woody fragrances. She steered me towards “tank battle” and told me the story behind the fragrance. I am completely inlove with it.. give it a sniff next time you pass by your local store.

The new store is just breathtaking and everything is so spacious, meaning it’s even more interactive than normal and you really are able to have a good browse of everything Lush has to offer. 
But not only is it a beautiful new store, there is also the new addition of the Lush Spa that offers a whole heap of interesting treatments to help you unwind and feel brand spanking new. After hearing about the different treatments, I really want to try the sound bath where instruments are used as part of the treatment or a hard days night because of course, anything related to the Beatles is top. 

Throughout the course of the evening, we were able to try and test some of the wonderful products on offer in Lush, receive a relaxing scalp massage and indulge in some very special tea tasting! 

The tea tasting was very much up my street and I loved the candy floss one in particular.. so yummy!

I for sure want my kitchen to have this aesthetic.. think witchy apothecary kitchen vibes.

I had such a wonderful evening with Lush and I can’t wait to return soon once I have booked my treatment. If you have any recommendations of treatments you’ve tried please comment below!


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