6 Ways To Have A Better Day

Guys I’m keeping it real. I know how fond we all are of lounging  in bed with our favourite naughty snacks, armed with our favourite naughty snacks and a new Netflix series to binge on. But something I love a whole heap more is starting the day right, being productive and having the good kind of energy to start my day off right. Of course, we are all entitled to our chillout time but it always feel so much better when I have a routine.

Here are 6 ways I begin my day to ensure I start it the best way I can. 

Be The Early Bird

The early bird catches the worm, isn’t that what they say? I enjoy being in a routine of not having to necessarily set an alarm in order to wake myself up. There is no worse feeling than hearing an aggravating alarm call and dreading getting out of bed. It’s much nicer that my body clock wakes me and I have that natural rise time. I’ve even made myself a “wake up” playlist that I play to get myself feeling ready for the day (obviously, The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun is in there). 
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Grab Breakfast

I genuinely never skip breakfast. It is for sure there most important meal of the day and I always go for porridge,  coconut based yoghurt with granola or good old marmite on toast. I don’t want to be hungry and lagging by 10am, that’s why I always will have brekkie! Another big one I’m going to add in here is drinking water. I have a reusable bottle I take everywhere and refill throughout the day. 


Hot yoga is my favourite exercise and method of awakening my body. I attend a hot yoga class locally, but I have a mat at home too so I can practice when it’s not convenient for me to get to class. Whatever does it for you - a run, boxing or a brisk walk. The most important thing is to listen to your body and hear what it needs, whether that be as little or as much as you can handle on that day.

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Get Clean
I’m sorry if this is me stating the obvious, but I feel at my best when I’m fresh and showered with my favourite products. I have those days where I want to stay in pyjamas and not move, especially after a long week at work. A lovely zesty shower gel and a lovely exfoliating face wash leaves me ready to kick ass. 

Outfit Choice

One of the most important things for making me feel good is my choice of clothes. I like to feel put together even if I’m wearing casual clothing. The right outfit can really help set your mood for the day. Some of my lazy days involve not even wearing a bra.. so as long as I have a bra on I know I’m getting somewhere close to being productive! 
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I’m a huge fan of a to do list and I collect them at my desk at work but also at home. It’s essential for me to know what I need to get done and when, I hate nothing more than being disorganised! There was a period where I attempted to write my lists in the evening but it left me aggravated and uneasy during my sleep, so I prefer now to write them in a morning so I have a layout of what I need to work towards. 

What routines work best for you? 

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