Mischief Managed! Harry Potter Primark Haul

Hello to all my Muggle pals! 

As I'm sure you've probably all seen online and across every social media platform, Primark have recently launched a Harry Potter collection. Included in the collection is sleepwear, loungeware and homeware. 
 After a sweeping visit to my local Primark, I came out armed with two paper bags packed with magical treats. Here's what I picked up! 

Slytherin Pyjama Set |  £6 

I know summer is ending and autumn is just around the corner, so shorts and vest pjs probably weren't the most sensible of sets to buy. But I just couldn't leave behind a pair of pyjamas matched to my favourite house! 

Muggle Cosy Socks | £2.50

Because you can never have too many cosy socks right? And they look ultra cute with the pj set! 

Hogwarts House Cushion | £6 

This actually looks ultra chic! The monochrome colour  gives it a more minimal, understated look whilst still being fun. There were also house cushions available so you can have your crest displayed proudly. The back is also a cute, predominantly black print if you fancy switching it up too! 

Hogwarts House Coasters | £4 

What a fun way to inject some HP into your home! Four coasters that each display the house crest in the four primary colours. I also thought these were fab Christmas gift ideas (because it's never too early to start your shopping!) 

Slytherin Wash Bag/ Makeup Bag | £4 

The detail in this little bag is beautiful and it's sturdy - great quality! I ruined my makeup bag when I was travelling so I definitely had an excuse to buy this (not that I needed one!) 

Hopefully you all enjoyed my little HP primark haul. Let me know what it's you've picked up from the collection or from Primark lately! 

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