Bloggers at the Zoo - A day out at Chester Zoo

 Looking for a fun-filled family day out that will suit people of all ages? 
Chester Zoo is most definitely the place for you! 

 When Chester Zoo contacted me to be a part of "Bloggers at the zoo" I was so thrilled and could not wait to share my experience with all of you. 

Travelling from Birmingham to Chester Zoo by car took us around 1 hour 50 minutes, the attraction was well signposted en route. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely Heidi and handed a goodie bag which was packed with treats to remind us of our day. 

 Firstly guys, let me just point out how big the zoo is! We checked our maps and had covered only a small corner of the zoo and we were already around 1 hour 30 minutes down. We pulled out our maps and after seeing some animals, hopped aboard a boat and set sail along the lazy river. This is a free boat trip and the queues can get pretty long so be mindful of that, perhaps try and board it earlier rather than later like we did. 

We took a packed lunch along with us to the zoo and there were plenty of  picnic spots, including a picnic lawn and lots of picnic tables to eat at. Dotted around were many drink and snack kiosks that sold a refillable drinks cup. We grabbed one and we were able to refill at any of the drinks stands located around the park. The cup cost just £8 and it lasted four of us all day long. (We had packed water and juice too, we didn't only guzzle fizzy pop!

What was my favourite animal you ask? 
It's honestly so difficult for me to choose a favourite animal, as they are all beautiful in their own way. The bat enclosure was an amazing experience and although you can't take pictures because it can startle the bats, it's wonderful to feel them swooping past, flying alongside you and seeing them hanging upside down from the trees, which are highlighted by a night sky backdrop which enables you to see the bats as you would in their natural habitat. 

Although I'm a little ashamed to say it, I am a little bit scared of moths and butterflies. (I KNOW). It's how they fly and flap right up to my face.. So to go into the butterfly enclosure was a big step! It was simply wonderful and I was blow away. To see the caterpillars that will soon grow into beautiful butterflies, and to see so many different coloured butterflies of all shapes and sizes was fantastic. 

 Being a vegetarian and an animal rights advocate, so many people have pointed out about zoos perhaps not being great places and questioned my views on them. I have to say, I am so supportive of zoos when they have wonderful, spacious enclosures for the animals and you can see the animals are active and cared for. Some of these animals are on the verge of becoming extinct in their wild habitat and at risk of being hunted by trophy hunters or for their skins or meat. When the animals are being protected and cared for in an environment like Chester Zoo, it has my full support. 
 The lions and elephants had spacious, engaging enclosures and were roaming around the habitats very happily. 

 PLAY! is a new play space at the zoo that is a super fun, safe, play zone. Surrounded by protective, soft flooring and adorned in rope climbing frames and slides, it is a great place for the children to release some energy. The 30ft, tree slide is a definite favourite. 
As you can see, Lily and Leo had a wonderful time! 

 Face painting for the children (and you!) can be found just outside the new Play zone and cost £6. It was an extra treat for the children and actually I was totally jealous - the butterfly face paint looks super cute!

In total, it took us around 6 hours to experience everything the zoo had to offer so I would definitely recommended getting there as early as you can. so you can make a full day of it! We took a picnic but did notice the food and drinks could be pricey, as you would expect with any attraction or day out. A fantastic day can be experienced by all at Chester Zoo and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun day out this summer. 

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