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Good Morning Guys, 

Firstly, I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday! As you read this, I'm in a cottage somewhere in France enjoying the sunshine and a well earned break. But let me introduce you all to the new makeup innovators in town... 

3INA (pronounced "mee-nah" incase you were wondering) is a new makeup brand originating from Europe. The brand only launched in February 2016 but the hype surrounding the company is growing - and I can see why. Cruelty free, high quality and affordable... what's not to love? 

 My favourite quote from the guys at 3INA has to be "BECAUSE MAKEUP SHOULD ENHANCE RATHER THAN ALTER". This statement makes me smile because after all, we should be proud of who we are and simply create an enhanced version of ourselves by using makeup, not attempt to change who we are.

 When 3INA approached me to see if I'd like to trial their best sellers, I was ecstatic. Almost immediately when my parcel arrived, the products were swatched and applied.  Let's take a look at what I received!

The Highlighter | Shade 201 |  RRP £10.95 | Get it here

 Using a fan brush, I sweep this down the center of my nose, along the tops of cheekbones and I dust any remaining product across my top lip. 
 Guys, the glow from this is insane and doesn't leave any flecks of glitter on the skin. It looks as though you have a natural, lit from within glow. During the summer months, I enjoy my skin almost looking wet, with a dewy finish. My skin texture is dry so this gives the perfect sheen as opposed to a sparkly, Christmas decoration vibe. 
Can we mention the Nars-vibe packaging? OBSESSED.

The Cream Eyeshadow | Shade 313 | RRP £8.95 | 

 This is by far THE best cream eyeshadow I have ever used. Very bold statement you say? Let me tell you, this is so pigmented, it sets to a waterproof metallic finish and lasts all day. A lot of cream shadows either wear off throughout the day or cake across the eyelids. This is just like a dream and I apply it with my ring finger, in one swipe and I'm done. 
 Did I mention it's rose gold? 

 The Longwear Lipstick | Shade 500 | RRP £7.95| 

 Nothing can ever beat a strong, red lip. Teamed with a bold, black mascara (add a slick, winged liner if you're feeling fancy) it looks truly timeless. 
 This applies direct from the applicator to your lips like a lip gloss and dries down becoming budge proof. 
 I applied this first thing in the morning and ate lunch.. the colour remained as a bold stain on my lip. Never did it feel drying or cakey and it didn't bleed out of my lips either. 

Wearing both the eyeshadow and he Highlighter.

 Wearing the lipstick. 

Bravo 3INA! 

These products apply wonderfully, last the duration of the day and come in minimal, chic packaging that is definitely Instagram friendly. I cannot wait to try their fixing spray and 3 in 1 foundation - I'm off to place an order! 

You can find 3INA here and now it's also available on ASOS here

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