Huetribe LGBTQ and Multicultural Greetings Cards

 Hi Guys  

 I'm sure we have all been in a position at some point where we have been shopping for a card for a birthday or occasion and but can't find the right one for that special person. Although the market is expanding, there is definitely a niche for LGBT and multicultural relationship greetings cards. I myself have faced that situation so many times and it's difficult to believe there isn't more variety out there. It's 2018 guys... we are slowly but surely getting there.

 Huetribe began when the founder became frustrated with trying to find cards to reflect her interracial relationship. The beautiful founder of Huetribe, Tineka also discovered she wasn't alone, and that friends and family also found it difficult to find LGBTQ cards or anything that was specific to a special individual. And that's how Huetribe was born! The idea behind the brand is something that really touches me and as a woman who loves women, I am totally hoping more brands catch on. Why stop at greetings cards? We need gifts, wedding presents, engagements gifts and socks! Why not, everyone loves socks. 

Huetribe have created some truly wonderful designs that all come with free shipping and are eco friendly (even better). There are also some incredible prints over on the website, alongside the cards so take a look. It's wonderful to have finally found a diverse company who sell wonderful cards for all the special people in my life and who cater for everyone! 

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