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The Inkey List's goal is clear: no frills, affordable skincare using the most-wanted ingredients to achieve a radiant complexion. I tried their Oat cleansing balm last year and was keen to see what else they had to offer. After then trying their Hyaluronic acid and Salicylic acid exfoliating scalp treatment, I was sold and have even repurchased (this is a definite sign you're a fan, am I right?) several times. 

The packaging is understated, states clearly what the product is and what it's used for. You'll find no unrelated product names which leave you guessing what the product actually does or googling how to use it. 

Salicyclic acid can work by helping skin to shed dead cells but can also decrease redness and any inflammation. This cleanser can be used both morning and evening, to remove makeup and excess dirt. I personally enjoy using this as a second cleanse and opt for an oil or balm cleanser like The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm as an initial cleanse to remove the majority of makeup.   
My skin is left thoroughly clean without feeling tight or dry. I'm definitely a dry skin girl, so it's important that I don't strip skin of necessary moisture. 
Alongside the 2% Salicylic acid, there is added Zinc compound to reduce excess oil and Allantoin to reduce irritation. My skin is visibly not as red when I've used this cleanser.

As I mentioned, I've purchased this possibly three times. I've tried several hyaluronic acids and this has to be my favourite. It isn't sticky, it absorbs nicely into my skin and doesn't react badly with my moisturiser (some hyaluronic acids I've used have reacted when followed with moisturiser).

It's fine to use both morning and evening. Think of it as your sandwich filling between two pieces of bread. I tend to cleanse and tone, then follow with a retinol, hyaluronic acid and finally a moisturiser or an evening oil.   

I like the component to this and find it makes it easy to dispense a pea sized amount, which is generally plenty for my face and neck.

Multi-Biotic £12.99
Okay so at first, I was sceptical. A lightweight moisturiser that's good for all skin types. I wasn't hopeful. But my dry, yet easily irritated skin that keeps getting "maskne" on my chin drinks this baby up. This really is an all rounder, with Yogurtene to help balance the bacteria of the skin to reduce breakouts, Brightenyl to even skin tone and Squalene to hydrate. 
So I stand corrected. I love this cream and whilst it's suitable for both morning and evening, I favour using this in a morning prior to makeup or alone for a radiant glow as it has a light consistency. 

Now here's an ingredient that's totally new to me and my regime. It's essentially a serum that really does cater for everyone, it's a beautiful all rounder. Niacinamide helps control oil, tackle blemishes and calm redness. But don't fear, the added hyaluronic acid helps to plump and hydrate skin. This product has us all covered. 

I apply this both morning and evening, it works as an all in one. This is a great way to incorporate Niacinamide into your routine without interfering with your other actives. 

Since I've been wearing face masks, there have been more breakouts on my skin than normal, particularly on my chin. This treatment really works to banish these problem areas. It claims to clear blemishes quickly, reduce inflammation and clear clogged pores. 
I've previously experienced dry skin when using blemish treatments, so I was pleasantly surprised by the formula. It contains Succinic acid to help reduce blemish size and control excess oils. Sulfar powder reduces excess oil without drying the skin, to help unclog pores. Salicylic acid gently exfoliates the skin reducing dead skin cell build up. It also has an all important supporting ingredient, hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. 
The Inkey List suggest this can be used 1- 3 times a day. I've found using it once to begin with and gradually building up to 2-3 times a day worked well for me. So long maskne!   

What are your holy grail finds from The Inkey List?

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