New Nails and What I Think Of The Gel Bottle

Happy February Everyone! ❤️

So I'm feeling a whole heap better than when I last posted. I'm back to the office and it was great to see the back of the 563 days of January. This weekend I have binge watched Cheer on Netflix (If you haven't seen it, it's six episodes of sheer cheerleader drama and I'm here for it) and paid a visit to Ikea. 
Perfect weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you how I have been wearing my nails lately and what I think of The Gel Bottle

For quite a while, I have kept my nails pretty short and haven't really allowed them to grow to their full potential (my natural nails are very long). Even though having naturally long nails is ace, sometimes they can get in the way. I had grown them during December for Christmas and had enjoyed painting them. But after a while keeping them perfectly manicured and all one length can become a chore.

Local to me in Wolverhampton, Tettenhall is little beauty boutique The Nail Room. It’s such a pretty little space where I felt very relaxed and looks very instagram friendly! If you pay a visit and quote SOPHTHENAILROOM you can take 25% off!
 I stopped by to have my nails preened to perfection by the lovely Jen. The salon holds Internationally recognized brand The Gel Bottle.

The GelBottle Inc™ gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extremely long lasting shine. What's even better is they are also vegan and cruelty-free. Jen had a lot of different colours but I opted for shade "Teddy", which is a lovely neutral shade I’ve seen YouTube Beauty Guru Jamie Genevieve wearing in her posts. I wanted something that didn't look unlike my own nails and personally I don't enjoy the look of a thick, square looking nail that looks false. I opted for a gel as it lasts and simply paints over the top of my own nail so there is no need to change the shape of my nails.

      My nails before 
My nails after in The Gel Bottle shade Teddy 

The whole process was quick and easy, starting with my nails being shaped and filed so they were all one length. The colour is painted onto nails and then set in place using the heat lamp. In terms of longevity, the gel lasts far longer than normal nail polish and can last for up to 4 weeks. I am obsessed with my nails and how I can clean, do my makeup, type at my desk without worrying my nails might chip!

You can also check out Jen on Instagram at @thenailroomco 

*contains gifted nail treatment. all views are my own* 

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