Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to you all! You didn’t honestly think I’d forgotten did you?

Today’s post is probably going to be a little more serious than my lighthearted, easy reads. But before we get into it I want to share something important. Well, maybe not important. Anyway, I have a few favourite new pieces from Femme Luxe Finery starting with this Lime green, neon jumper teamed with leather look leggings. All outfits are linked down below. Let’s crack on. 

Lime Green Jumper and Leather-look leggings from Femme Luxe

This years International Women’s Day campaign is focused around the tag line #BalanceForBetter and it’s shouting about building a gender-balanced world. We are talking about gender-balance in the classroom, the office, in the media and within government. Of course, it extends far beyond this but those were just a few scenarios that came to mind.

I want to raise a glass (of my morning smoothie, sorry I’m not cool enough for breakfast champagne) to the women who have spoken out and who are still speaking out for basic human rights, for us here and for future generations. Thankyou to the women who lay their lives on the line for us everyday in their line of work, the women who are playing mom to the future generation, the women who are facing illnesses and the women who fight every single day for their voice to be heard. 

Today, let’s send a quote or a message to the women in our lives that inspire us, who keep us motivated and enable us to hold our heads high. Whether it be your mom, friend, teacher or partner, why not just let them know what they mean to you  and the impact they have on your life? 

One of my favourites is: 

What’s the greatest lesson a woman should learn? 
That since day one, she already had everything she needs within herself, it’s the world that convinced her she did not.
~Rupi Kaur

Here’s to women EVERYWHERE.

Grey loungewear set Femme Luxe 
Wine fine knit loungewear set Femme Luxe

*This post contains gifted items*

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