TOP SECRET! Skinny Tan’s new launch

Happy ALMOST weekend guys! 

The sunshine has persuaded me to start leaving the office during my lunch hour without a coat and even to start baring my legs... in February!

When the self-tanning geniuses over at Skinny Tan gave me a briefing on a new product they are launching, I was super excited to hear more.
 Over the years, I have been a total fan-girl of every product Skinny Tan have released, from their gradual tanners to their dark tanning mousse. They have formulas for everyone, they are cruelty free and leave skin bronzed to perfection. 
What’s not to love? 

What’s the product I hear you say? So, I’m one of the first people to be fortunate enough to try and test the revolutionary new tanning serum from Skinny TanUnlike other tanning formulas, this has the consistency of a serum so it feels super hydrating, sinks right into the skin, with a gorgeous guide colour for an instant glow that develops into an even bronze tan in 6-8 hours! It also contains natural ingredients like aloe Vera and vitamin e.

Application Time

1. Scrub skin to ensure it’s ready for application (I use my Skinny Tan exfoliating mitt to keep my skin super smoothe)
2. Moisturise drier areas like knees, elbows and around ankles
3. Whip out your Skinny Tan mitt and get applying! 

Armed with my Skinny Tan tanning mitt, I set to work. Fresh out of the shower, I ensured skin was scrubbed from top to toe to ensure my body was completely ready and smoothe ready for tanning application.

After pumping the serum into my mitt, I applied the tan to my skin starting at my feet and gently used soft, circular motions. I thought the mitt may absorb the formula somewhat but it’s actually more of a thicker consistency (think foundation type of formula). There was a soft coconut scent but nothing remotely offensive and the tan gives a great initial guideline application.
After leaving to dry for around five minutes, I popped my pyjamas on and I’m done.

As you can see below, the guideline colour is great and really allows you to see what you are applying and where. The serum itself applies like a dream, gliding onto the skin and doesn’t feel as drying as a mousse does against my skin. 

Post Application

and my final opinion..

Post shower! 

The texture of the product is so innovative and smoothe that it won me over from the get go. A product that is vegan, paraban-free and not tested on animals is a product I would choose to repurchase time after time. Not only is it ethical which is important to me, but it has left me with an even, streak free tan that really mimics my skin when it is naturally bronzed after a holiday in the sun. It didn’t leave my skin looking at all orange or smelling odd. For me, there aren’t any negatives about this tan and will wholeheartedly repurchase once I’ve used it up. 
The application has really wowed me, at first I was a little apprehensive as to how to the product would apply, being comparable to a serum but it felt soft on my skin and didn’t leave me remotely dry.

The tan is set for release this month and is available from Boots and Online at

10/10 from me!

Contains gifted items, all views and opinions are my own 

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