Lash & Line Love with Pixi Beauty

 This summer, my makeup vibe is all about my eyes teamed with a natural, glowing complexion. Think Meghan Markle.. She is my absolute makeup icon right now. Glowing complexion with a focus on the eyes. 
Pixi Beauty is top of my list when it comes to skincare and their makeup range is no exception. I was fortunate enough to receive some picks from their makeup collection including some beautiful eyeliners and lash products too. Here we go! 

Endless Silky Eye Pen in:
Rose Glow | £12 (a beautiful metallic rose gold shade)
Cobalt Blue| £12 (a vibrant, electric blue shade) 
Matte Mulberry | £12 (A deep brown shade with a slight burgundy undertone) 
Velvet Violet | £6 (A punchy purple shade) Find the collection here

Waterproof? CHECK. Silky? CHECK. Bold? CHECK.

These are simply the best eyeliner pencils I have ever used. In my experience, I find that a lot of eyeliner pencils really have the tendency to pull against my eyes and aggravate the sensitive area, particularly if I want to run it along my top lash line too. The application of these pencils is seamless and requires minimal effort. I glide them along the upper lash line and sometimes will smudge it out in the bottom lash line also for a more dramatic look. Matte Mulberry is most definitely my go to shade, it’s softer than black but still adds a subtle definition. Brown liner is a win for blonde girls! These liners also come available in22 different shades. 

Extra Eye Bright Liner | £12 | Find it here

This product is an absolute little life saver for those mornings where I am feeling particularly sleepy and dark around the eye area. It is an intensified version of their normal Eye Bright Liner to deliver an even brighter, whiter look to the eye. I simply run this in the lower rim of the eye and bring it down slightly in the inner corner for an instant awake look. This can also be used around the lips as a highlight to create the illusion of a fuller pout! 

Black Lacquer Lash Primer | £15 | & Large Lash Mascara in Black |£14 | Find them here

The last time I used a lash primer was possibly when I was back in school and it was white, leaving my lashes clumpy which at the time was the look. These days I prefer my lashes to look legthened but still quite natural. I was quite sceptical of the lash primer initially because of past experiences with the white clump creating primer. This primer is the complete opposite. Packed with vitamins A and C plus added panthenol which is great for conditioning lashes. The comb applicator really helps to define lashes and comb the product through, leaving a great base for mascara or a more natural look to wear alone.  
 The mascara features my favourite kind of brush – oversized and able to sweep through every lash creating a lengthened , lifted look to lashes that doesn’t look clumpy and doesn’t leave residue after being worn for hours. Both of these products are my everyday pairing and I honestly think they work perfectly together. When removing I don’t have to use a heavy duty eye makeup remove, a simple micellar water will do the job or a mild face wash. 

Eye Define Waterline | £12 |& Lash Line Ink | £12 Find them here

Eye define is a handy little retractable, waterproof liner which is smudge free but gentle upon application.  It’s literally a no brainer for your upper or lower lash line and createsa bold effect. 
 Lash Line Ink does exactly what it says on the tube.. lines those lashes with a perfect ink line that is ideal for teaming with a cat flick or even to hide fake lash lines (my preference!). It’s waterproof formula means it won’t move all day and night which is definitely my preference when I’m wearing a liquid liner. 

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