The Restaurant at Broadway Casino, Birmingham

 Earlier this year I was lucky enough to visit Verona, Italy, and experience the stunning surroundings, friendly locals and delicious food. Returning back to the UK and attempting to find places that created my favourite Italian dish proved quite difficult, often lacking the fresh ingredients and true Italian passion. 

 An establishment that is “fantastico” and gets Italian food right is The Restaurant at Broadway Casino. Situated in the Broadway Plaza Birmingham, this authentic Italian restaurant serves up a menu packed with rustic, fresh dishes and having recently visited Verona, the food we were served was on par if not better than dishes served in Italy.

 Broadway Casino is a popular venue that boasts a large private bar, relaxed surroundings that are complimented with ambient lighting, a large bar and relaxing sofa areas. I’m due to visit Las Vegas next month and this casino definitely lit my excitement for the casino scene. I do think outside the casino, The Restaurant needs to be shouted about more and clearly signposted. If I hadn’t have known the eatery was within the casino, I wouldn’t have had any indication it was there. A big neon sign is definitely needed so more people are able to discover this restaurant.

 Upon arrival, we approached the casino reception and were asked if we were members. After explaining we weren’t but had a table booked, we were met by the manager of the restaurant Roberto. He was a breath of fresh air and his passion for the food shone through. After glancing over the menu, Roberto was swift to come over to our table and suggest several dishes. I explained I was vegetarian and he confirmed the head chef had a perfect signature dish he would recommend. More about that dish in a moment!

 To accompany our fresh, warm bread and the most beautiful olives I’ve ever eaten (I’m quite the olive connoisseur!) we sipped crisp prosecco and basked in the relaxing ambience in the restaurant. The restaurant itself looks fresh and modern, with splashes of marble and copper. After a chat about our trip to Verona, Roberto recommended a beautiful bottle of Pinot Grigio to complement our meals.

 Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni was the dish suggested to me by head chef Stefano, who popped out of the busy kitchen to introduce himself. He explained how the dish he had prepared for me was his wife’s favourite dish. The enthusiasm and passion poured from him as he explained the fresh ingredients used in his dishes. Katie enjoyed a Lamb Shank accompanied by potatoes and veg. As a vegetarian, my lamb knowledge isn’t great but she was thrilled as it was cooked to perfection. My Cannelloni oozed flavour, topped with herbs and parmesan. Whilst the portion was more than generous, I devoured every mouthful of the sumptuous dish.

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 Shortly after the mains were cleared, we were presented with a platter of Italian desserts. Bite size and delicious, this platter is perfect for two. To cleanse the palette to finish, we were given two small glasses of limoncello, in order to cleanse our palettes.  

 Roberto, Stefano and the rest of the attentive staff made our visit to The Restaurant so unforgettable. Their attention to detail was second to none and everyone was so very welcoming, it created a lovely atmosphere . As the menu is filled with a vast array of dishes, it’s safe to say we will be returning soon to try more from the menu.

 For Christmas bookings, a romantic meal or even party bookings give the website a visit here and take a look at the menu 

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