Testing Japanese Skincare with KiraKira Studio

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Firstly, let me say happy Bank Holiday weekend! 

Japan have always been renowned to be leaps and bounds ahead when it comes to their skincare products, alongside their skincare regimes. Here in the UK, we have tried to tailor our own skincare routines using similar products to theirs and adopting routines to mirror the ones they take on morning and evening. 
 Now, this thorough and efficient skincare regime can be our daily go to, as new Japanese skincare brand KiraKira Studios is hitting the UK and I was lucky enough to be able to put their cleanser to the test! 

AHA 2-in-1 Facial Wash | RRP £19.99 | here 

This is the signature product to kick off the range and it is a makeup remover and facial wash all in one. Perfect for taking into the shower or having near your sink, this is the perfect accompaniment for anyone looking for clean, fresh skin from a product containing less chemicals but more natural ingredients. KiraKira Studio is PETA approved, carries the cruelty free bunny logo and is free from skin-irritating ingredients. 

Added Extras
  • Free from mineral oil and palm oil
  • Contains AHAs - Alpha hydroxy acids: Citric, Glycolic and Stearlic acids
  • These acids are derived from plants and fermented milk - meaning they work wonders on our skin! 
  • Citric Acid - improves skin texture, exfoliates and reduces blemishes 
  • Glycolic Acid - derived from cane sugar, this beauty combats fine lines, acne, blackheads and oiliness
  • Stearlic Acid - found in vegetable oils, it reduces skin’s water surface tension, allowing it to mix with oils and dirt on the surface of your skin for complete deep cleansing
Here is an image of the product dispensed.

So What Does It Do?
  • Hydrates complexion
  • Helps to stimulate collagen production
  • Promotes cell turnover
  • Increases the natural barrier in the skin’s outer layers to help prevent skin’s natural oils and water escaping
  • Softens skin
 Upon stepping in the shower, I dispensed two pumps of the product into my hand and to my surprise the outcome was almost a water consistency. It didn't look creamy or coloured, and it didn't smell.  Immediately, this gave me good vibes because I felt it would be great for my sensitive skin.
 Applying to my damp skin, I massaged  in circular motions and also washed around my eyes to remove eye makeup. There was no foaming or milky residue, that can sometimes be apparent on the skin when using chemical-filled cleansers or face washes. I was expecting to definitely have sore eyes afterwards... but I didn't. Instead, I was met with fresh, cleansed skin and I had no redness after use (and I suffer from rosacea). . At no point did skin feel dry, tight or aggravated, only refreshed and deeply cleansed. Once I stepped out of the shower, my makeup had literally all disappeared, so all I needed to do was sweep a cotton pad with toner across my face and I was good to go! 

 Can we mention the packaging at this point? It comes in a sleek white bottle wih a handy black pump, however, it also has an injection of quirkiness with the bold, bright wording on the bottle, along with the sweet little doodles on the packaging. 

 So my final conclusion is that when I run out of this product, I will be repurchasing it as soon as I can. This liquid cleanser left my skin soft, supple and melted away my makeup within seconds. So easy to use and beautifully formulated, this should be a staple within everyone's bathroom. Moving forward , I can't wait to see more from KiraKira Studios and watch them grow, I'm sure we will see big things from them moving forward.

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