Perfect glow with Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner!

So I know I have to be realistic. I can't go from looking like Casper the friendly ghost to a tanned, tropical goddess in the peak of the freezing cold Winter season. It just isn't feasible to have a deep tan and looks unrealistic. So instead of reaching for my dark fake tan mousse, I decided to try out a gradual tanner. I wanted something that was just going to give me a soft warmth to make me look a little more alive during these cold months where sunshine is practically non existent. Here is where Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner comes in. 
  • Available online here and instore at Superdrug 
  • £14.99 for 125ml
  • Builds a gradual tan to suit you 
  • Contains tropical berry extract Guarana which is thought to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite

After showering I will always apply a body cream, so swapping it up for a moisturiser with a tint of colour seemed like a small jump. Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner is a daily body cream that created a natural glow on the skin and can be used on the body or face. 
The first time I used it I stepped out the shower and ensured I was entirely dry, I squeezed a 50p sized blob into my hand and began working into my skin, starting with my feet upwards. Everyone has different ways of applying tan or a gradual tanner, but with a moisturiser I prefer to use my hands as opposed to a mitt. Once my legs were complete, I gave my hands a rinse and then started working the tanner into the upper half of my body, not forgetting backs of hands and all the way up my neck. 

The following morning when I looked in the bathroom mirror, I had a nice wash of colour. It was noticeable enough for me to see the difference but not overly dark. After only one application I was thoroughly impressed with the colour pay off. 

Favourite Points:
  • The lovely coconut scent (it reminds me of holidays!)
  • Pretty mint pastel packaging 
  • The colour is lovely and non-streaky 
  • Fades out gradually with no flaking
  • Cruelty free 

  • Only 4-6 full body applications per tube
So really my only issue with this tanner is that I want more of it and don't want it to ever run out. That in my eyes is a pretty awesome - it's a 9/10 from me!

If anyone has used any other tan products from Skinny Tan let me know, I am eager to try more from Skinny Tan! 

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