Nutribuddy 14 Day Weight Loss Program Final Review

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So the two weeks following my Nutribuddy regime is up and I am ready for my honest review.. Here we go!

What You Can Expect From Nutribuddy

Nutribuddy are a team who have created a weight loss program to help kick start your healthy start with a 7, 14 or 30 day regime available on their website. The pack comes complete with sculpting whey in either Vanilla or Chocolate, multivitamins, hunger fix capsules and a shaker in a choice of two colours along with a recipe book and guidelines book to help you use the products to the full potential. All of the products mentioned above can also be purchased individually also, so if you are looking to continue with the multivitamins or sculpting whey you can do so. 

The main component of the weight loss kit is the sculpting whey which is to be taken as a 30g measurement each day. The options in how you choose to take this are varied and can be taken at any time of the day either as a meal replacement or as a snack replacement. I chose to use mine as a breakfast replacement in place of my usual marmite on toast.  Blended with almond milk and frozen fruit, I adapted the recipe with dairy free milk and varied frozen fruits. The variations of recipes you can create using the sculpting whey is beneficial so you can change it up every day if you wish so you don’t get bored of the same smoothie every day. 

Multivitamins are something I have always taken daily and with the Nutribuddy vitamins I simply take one with a glass of water daily after food.  After the Christmas break, my skin was experiencing some break outs and was less than glowing. After two weeks of the Nutribuddy regime, my breakouts have cleared and my skin looks visibly brighter. Alongside this, one hunger fix capsule was taken with 1 – 2 glasses of water an hour before I had breakfast, lunch and dinner. For me this step was excessive but it did promote a fuller feeling and meant I was not snacking between meals. 

The recipe book contains a lot of ideas for smoothies, snacks and healthy meals. As I am vegetarian I didn’t particularly follow the meal guides but I did use the smoothie recipes and create my own recipes using these as a guideline. The book of weight loss is handy because it gives tips of how to continue with a healthy lifestyle and is good as a reminder of how to continue on a healthy path. 

What Changes I Made During These 2 Weeks
Whilst following the regime and swapping up my breakfast and eating habits, I also cut out any crisps or chocolate but allowed myself only healthy snacks such as nuts and fresh fruit. I ate wholemeal bread only once a day which would be at lunch or if not a salad. Cutting out the morning bread definitely made me feel less bloated, replacing it with a smoothie. During this time I also had no alcohol (I don’t really drink anyway so this wasn’t particularly difficult for me). My evening meal consisted of vegetables, potatoes and Quorn meat substitute, pasta or something similar. Alongside this , I chose to also do some light daily exercise such as short at home HIT workouts involving crunches, squats and burpees alongside using small handheld weights, see below. 

Hit At Home Workout

This consists of 24 rounds of the following doing as many reps as possible during 50 seconds with 5 seconds rest between exercises

Squats 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest 
Rows 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Pushups (I do the ones on my knees) 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Lunges 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Jump Jacks 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Sumo Squat High Pull 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Plank (Side note - I normally struggle to do a full 50 second plank) 50 seconds, 5 seconds rest
Rest for 1 round (50 seconds) Repeat above 

How Did I Feel?

Overall I feel far less bloated and I definitely have more energy. I am no longer hitting a wall at around 3pm each afternoon and have noticed I feel considerably more active. My stomach feels and looks noticeably flatter and feels a bit tighter. I think generally when you begin to make positive changes you feel your overall mood lift and your attitude improve. I don’t feel like I have fully reached my goal yet but Nutribuddy has helped me take the first steps towards a positive change. Overall during two weeks I have lost 5lb and feel far healthier and cleaner. I will be continuing with my Sculpting Whey moving forward (probably purchasing the chocolate flavor next!) and I look forward to an even fitter, healthier me.

If you too want to try Nutribuddy you can do so by following the link here 

Thanks for reading!

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