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For 2017, I aspire to be as organised and prepared as possible, in order to feel happier and more mentally relaxed. Lists and planner pads are something I incorporate into my everyday life to help me remember where I'm at and where I should be at. Particularly in a hectic office environment, I like to jot down numbered tasks first thing in the morning so I remember everything I need to get done for that day. 

 So, I was passing through Birmingham's Grand Central station on Friday evening and came across a retailer called Kikki K. Beautiful intricately designed planners, journals and notepads adorned the minimal white shelves. I was utterly in awe of every product. The manager, who I believe was called Scott, came over to tell me all about the brand and the products. He informed me of the different collections available and what aspects of your life each collection can help with. The brand is Swedish and carries the design principles of being pretty and practical to help assist your everyday life. 
I picked up a few bits which unfortunately aren't all for me! They will be perfect to give as gifts and I would be delighted to find these as gifts under my tree. Here's what I picked up and where you can find them too! 

B5 Daily Notes Pad: Thrive | £6.00
Get it here

This pad will have pride of place on my desk in the office. Perfect to write down everything you know needs to be done and keeping track of on a daily basis. For someone who is organised and wants to remain that way! 

Weekly Goals & Habits Pad Inspiration |£6.00
Get it here

This pad is more for recognising trends in habits and perhaps how you can change your daily routine to incorporate an easier way of doing things. Noticing small habits and learning how to get out of the not so good ones can lead to a positive change in life.

Metal Rollerball Pen: Copper | £12.00
Get it here

It says copper but I say rose gold. In love with this pen, it will have pride of place on my desk, in my handbag.. anywhere I can think to use this little beauty!

Everyday Ballpoint Pen: Inspiration | £2.50
Get it here

Cute but affordable everyday pen that matches absolutely perfectly with the goals and habits pad! 

Next on my list is going to be a Journal... then I will have everything I need to be organised and on track for 2017!

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