Grounded Chocolate Orange Body Scrub

For many years, I have tried to find a body scrub that combats my dry skin without being abrasive. Trying to find a product that works but isn't harsh on sensitive skin seems to be a struggle! I have noticed many scrubs contain silicone and ingredients which fool you into thinking your skin is soft but actually haven't gotten to the root of the problem - buffing away the dry skin cells.

Pottering around my local Boots store this scrub caught my eye. It comes stored in a brown, resealable paper bag which is sturdier than it looks. The packaging is fairly simple and looks almost eco-friendly, which intrigued me. It did seem slightly more than I would normally spend on a scrub at £15 but I was determined to find a scrub that worked. Scanning the packaging, the ingredients mainly seemed to be natural ones such as coffee and sugar, with some essential oils such as sweet orange oil thrown in. This sold the product to me.

All Ingredients:

  • Coffee Robusta Seed Powder
  • Robusta Coffee
  • Sucrose
  • Brown Sugar
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E 
  • Citrus Sinensis 
  • Sweet Orange Oil 
  • Theobroma Cacao Oil
  • Cacao Oil 
  • Limonene 
  • Benzyl Alcohol  

The Scent:

Anyone who knows me, knows I do have a sweet tooth and the scent of this is just divine. It fills the bathroom with a rich, chocolate citrus scent even hours after bath time. Fulfills that sweet craving minus the calories!

How I use the scrub:

I have tested this scrub in both the shower and the bath but found my preference to be the shower, I take a handful of the product for my upper body and a handful for my lower body. Let it be known that a little goes a long way! The idea is to leave the scrub for 5 -10 minutes but I had a hairmask and only managed 5. My skin was still ultra smoothe afterwards but I imagine would be even softer when left a little longer. This can be used on the facial area and I have tested it, with no complaints. 

Overall Result:

Top to toe silky soft skin! I have been using this twice weekly and don't intend to stop! It left the bumps on the backs of my arms and tops of legs barely visible and any cellulite patches reduced and looking firmer. I haven't been wearing tan as it is the winter season but I imagine this scrub will be great for maintaining a tan too. I cannot wait to try some of the other products Grounded has to offer, from lip balms to hair masks!

Find Grounded Coffee Scrub here for £15 

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