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Hi everyone! I have been back from Florida, USA for almost a month and I wanted to share with you some of the higher end beauty purchases I made why I was out there!

Here it is... The Mothership aka SEPHORA. This particular store was at the Florida Mall and it was nowhere near as big as the Sephora in Paris that I visited a few years ago. I was shocked to not see all of the staff jump on me immediately to help on walking into the store! I got some help in the end and was in there for some time. A great day!

Here are all of the wonderful goodies I managed to get home! I have not taken individual images of everything as it would have become rather tedious so I decided to just show you some of my favourites. Above you can see some Bumble & Bumble products and the Sephora favourites lip kit, these are among some of the products I chose not to write about, simply because I wanted to discuss my absolute favourites. However, have no doubt all of the above products have been greatly adored!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | $35.00

Where do I even begin? This is a powder that can be used universally across the face - cheeks, underbred highlight, or swept all over the skin for a lovely finish. I went for the shade Luminous Light - a champagne pearl powder that for me is ideal for the cheekbone highlight. This powder is the depiction of luxury and glamour. I feel radiant when wearing this powder and no a day goes by when I don't apply this. I use the Sephora angled brush (pictured above) to apply this to my cheekbones and I also swipe my finger across to apply it down the centre of my nose. Beautiful powder and something that is so unique. 

Lock-It Tattoo Foundation - Kat Von D | $34.00 
Lock-It Tattoo Concealer | $25.00

I cannot describe my utter love for this foundation, Kat Von D has created something truly wonderful here. I recall the ad campaign she did when this was launched and the hype that it covered tattoos. One morning whilst on holiday, I tested the theory. I jokingly told my boyfriend about this and gradually built up the lock it concealer over part of my thigh tattoo. It certainly does what it says on the tube. A layer of this below the eyes covers my unsightly dark circles and when placed in the inner corners, brightens eyes completely. An utter god send - Thankyou Kat! 
 The foundation is in Light 44 which is the one above the lightest shade which is pretty much what my skin reverts to in the winter months. It promotes 24 hour wear and is transfer resistant and during the hot Florida weather it certainly delivered. The coverage is very high and it gives a smooth, beautiful finish to skin, making me want to wear it on a daily basis! I am trying to save this for weekends and perhaps more important occasions, as opposed to everyday wear. 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette | $29.00
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | $29.00

I am a proud owner of the original Naked palette and the Naked palette 3, I do not own Naked 2 as I felt it was just too similar to the original palette. The Naked Basics palette drew me in far more than the Naked Basics 2 palette simply because the shades I had not seen before and it was beautifully matte. It is so compact and fits snugly into my everyday makeup bag and is ideal to travel with. My two favourite shades from this palette are the ones I create an everyday look with - WOS (walk of shame), a light nude matte shade and Faint, a warm, chocolate brown matte for my eye contour.

 Nars is a band I am not overly familiar with and other than the under eye corrector, I have never used any Nars products. On entering the Sephora store, I skimmed around and grabbed the bits I knew I wanted, including this concealer. I asked one of the artists what his favourite concealer is and he answered "Nars creamy concealer'. Words fail me, I think this will be my concealer, forever! The shade vanilla is what I purchased and I mainly use this under the eyes, applied in one swift swipe. Easy peasy.

Tarte - Lights, Camera Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara | $20.00
Tarte - Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibres | $19.00

Tarte mascara is a product I received a sample of in my monthly subscription box earlier this year and I was absolutely hooked. As the name suggests, it is four in one because it lengthens, curls, volumes and conditions lashes. The brush is not plastic but more bristly and really grips each lash and pulls them out and up. My own lashes are not fantastic (due to years of false lash abuse) but this works great and gives me lovely lashes I feel confident with. 

Best In Faux is a fibre lash product which you apply to give the appearance and effect of false lashes. 
I am somewhat of a novice still with fibre mascaras, but I believe with practice and time you get the desired effect!
This fibre tube came with a miniature Lights Camera Lashes mascara also which was great, I think incase any fibres attach in the normal mascara tube. The trick is to apply a coat of the mascara, then go in with the fibres, gently attaching them to your lashes, being careful not to get to close to the root of the lash ( I have had fibre-related issues previously!), and then go in with the original mascara again and set them in place. 

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick | $21.00
Mac Angel | £15.50
Laura Mercier Lip pencil in Red Chocolate | $20.00

So first and foremost, when the Kat Von D lipsticks are near the end of the bullet, I will be re-ordering. They are simply perfect!
 Sephora had a special promotion on in store, where you could have a mini makeover focusing on one part of your face. I chose lips and specifically requested the "Jenner lip". I was greeted with a lovely male makeup artist who chose two lip products - Kat Von D Lipstick in Cathedral and Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Red Chocolate (as per below posing selfie).
 The two lipsticks from the Kat Von D range are truly outstanding, the second lipstick from the collection pictured below is Prayer - such fabulous names! The lipsticks are matte, yet they don't dry out my lips! There is still a definite feeling of smoothness to them. The embossed logo, the names and the studded packaging make these lipsticks a new favourite on my list. 

Mac Angel is supposedly one of Kim Kardashian's favourite lipsticks. I can totally see why. 
Much more of a creamy texture  (but not to the point the lipstick disappears rapidly) this goes on like a dream. Pinky yet quite nude, not too in your face. All round winner.

Laura Mercier won me over with their crème brûlée bath products but I had never tried the makeup range! This lipliner is delightful worn all over the lip to create a good makeup base or just worn alone to create a 90s lip look.

All products mention above (minus the MAC lipstick) can be found right here

Thanks for reading!

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