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This weekend I had a sneaky little visit to my local Boots, I must admit it is one of my favourite shops and although that may seem sad, it's true guys! I didn't go overboard, these were just a handful of new things I really wanted to try.

Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo | RRP £3.99 Available here

I have heard a few people rave about this dry shampoo and my thoughts were "how good can it even be, really? It's just a dry shampoo". But I was super wrong. This is absolutely lovely and for the beautiful, crisp and sweet scent alone it is most definitely worth a purchase. It gave my hair great volume and banished my oily roots.

Fudge Urban Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends| RRP £3.99 Available here

Due to my unruly, slightly frizzy hair, I am normally in the market for a product I can use to tame my flyaway dry ends. This can be used before blow drying on wet hair, before straightening and on finished styles. Again, as for the smell Fudge are by far at the top of their game! The scent of this can only be described as holidays, cocktails and pineapple coconut delicious-ness. I applied this to my hair whilst it was damp, concentrating on the ends and mid lengths. Left my hair so soft and with definition, but most importantly smelling like a holiday cocktail!

Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paint in Coconut | RRP £3.99 Available here

I have been after an off white nail colour as I think it compliments a tan and glowing skin perfectly. These nail varnishes are so glossy, giving the effect of gel varnish and last rather well (in my experience around 3-4 days chip free). The name Coconut reminds me of summer and holidays and I have nothing like this in my ever extensive collection.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque | RRP £5.99 Available here

This is actually a product I have already used previously but the packaging has definitely been updated. My hair is bleached and although I don't heat style it, it can get dry, especially in the hotter weather. So this little pot is a miracle for my hair. I use this around twice a week in the shower and apply a scoop through ends and lengths, with any spare being applied at the top. After one minute only I rinse, and my hair is tangle free, soft and more manageable. The flip top lid on this is far more useful than the old screw top lid, as in the shower that can be slippery and annoying!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | RRP £4.99 Available here

So I know that every beauty blogger and their dog have tried or want to try the Bioderma cleansing water. But I actually feel pretty satisfied with this little bad boy! I tried one previously, I believe a Loreal one. The way the product shot out of the bottle and became wasteful put me off trying another, but I am glad I went for this. All I do with the product is squirt some onto a large cotton pad and hold it firstly against both eyes and then I flip the pad over to the clean side and swipe it over my face. Lovely product that I would say is ideal for this time of year as it isn't heavy and basically feels like water, yet does the job and removes make up thoroughly.

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